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Attack of the Killer Shark Feet

Have you ever struggled to find a unique and sensual gift idea for your man that he would enjoy? How about one that will also benefit you? Have you thought of a pedicure? I hadn't ever thought that would be a good gift for a man, either...until...I was "attacked" by my man's killer shark feet.

An attack by a killer shark is a horrifying thing. Imagine how much more horrific it could be if a killer shark had feet...calloused, scaled feet with jagged nails.

The other night in bed I was awakened by the scraping of his foot across my leg. He was still asleep...but his calloused appendage scraped skin from my thigh as his toenail cut a swath into my flesh.

photo of feet protruding from a shark's mouth

I swam with sharks off the coast of Hawaii. I was always careful not to get too close. I wasn't as afraid of being bitten by those little I was afraid of having my skin scraped off by their very abrasive shark skin.

This wounding was obviously not hot ass man would never intentionally do anything to hurt me...but it still hurt.

Hmm...what to do? I am not going to say: "Baby...your feet are repulsive and they are as dangerous as killer shark feet!"

So, on his last birthday approached, I tried: "Baby I have a surprise for you..." He was instantly a Retriever on point! My man knows that my surprises are usually sweeeet.

And then I proceeded to...fix the problem of his killer shark feet by giving him a sensual pedicure. Very few men have ever had a pedicure. This new experience for my man was very well received at home. I don't think a suggestion for a salon pedicure would have been well received until he experienced this at home first.

You can also present your man with a coupon for this experience in a card for any gift-giving occasion.

photo of a woman wearing a sexy French Maid costume

I wore my French Maid costume. "Costuming" is of course completely optional for this activity...but I recommended it to add to the fun. Especially if you want your man to attack you later like...well, like...a "killer shark".

Next, I produced my basket of foot goodies and groomed and massaged his feet from calloused, screaming, killer shark feet nightmares into tootsies that I don't mind next to me in bed.

My basket of foot goodies includes

the Gena Pedi Feet To Go Pedicure Kit ($20 from Amazon) with:

photo of the Gena Pedi Feet To Go Kit containing pedicure essentials
  • Pedi Soak Foot Bath

  • Pedi Care Sloughing Lotion to break down dead, dry skin fast for easy removal. It contains potassium hydroxide so it is really effective at removing calluses as well as excess cuticle skin.

  • Pedi Soft Foot and Leg Lotion to moisturize

  • A Pedi Sander to gently remove rough dry skin and calluses

Optional products from the kit: Pedi Septic Foot Spray infused with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil to cool and refresh hot, tired feet. Pedi Ice Deep Cooling Gel with Eucalyptus and Menthol.

Gena Pedi Feet to Go Pedicure Kit has also been one of my go-to products for including in gift baskets for my girlfriends. Aren't we always looking for unique birthday ideas for them?

You will also need...

  • Disposable vinyl gloves to protect your hands from the potassium hydroxide in the callus remover ($7 for 50 on Amazon).

  • photo of cuticle pusher in pedicure set
  • Metal Cuticle Pusher from this tool set ($5 on Amazon).

  • Tweezerman Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers ($10 for a set with nail clippers at Amazon).

  • This little set is nice for wrapping with a gift coupon for your man. photo of toe nail clippers
  • Revlon emery boards. ($2 for 24 on Amazon).

  • A square plastic tub or bucket large enough for his feet to feet into.

  • A few towels.

I don't receive any compensation for product endorsements. I give you specific product suggestions to save you time and money.

STEP 1: Spread a large towel out onto the floor in front of a comfy chair.

STEP 2: Add a teaspoon of Pedi Soak Foot Bath to a gallon of warm water and agitate. Let your man’s feet soak for 5-10 minutes to get his feet clean. Spend a few minutes giving him a sensual back and neck rub to help relax him.

A warm soak not only feels wonderful but also helps to soften his toenails so they can be cut easier with a nail clipper.

Pat off the excess water with a towel.

STEP 3: Wear disposable vinyl gloves to protect the sensitive skin on your hands from the potassium hydroxide in this effective callus remover.

photo of callous sloughing lotion

Apply the Pedi Care Sloughing Lotion with Peppermint Oil to each toenail, then gently push back the cuticles with the flat end of the cuticle pusher.

photo of cuticle pusher

STEP 4: Use the pointed end of the cuticle pusher to clean under the nail edges. Avoid pushing it too deeply so you don't damage nail growth or fray the cuticles.

STEP 5: For dead skin cell removal, apply a small amount of Pedi Care to the dry, callused areas and let it penetrate for 3 minutes or so to soften the dead skin for easy removal

Massage in a circular motion until the dry skin rolls off. Pay close attention to the roughest callused areas and dry skin patches.

NOTE: This stuff really works well! I discovered by accident (so I don't always read the directions first...) that it is the best cuticle remover for my hands that I've ever used. But be careful if you use it on your cuticles. I wouldn't leave it on your cuticles longer than 3 is really drying to the sensitive skin on your fingers.

After sloughing is complete, return his feet to the foot bath to remove the product.

Discard your gloves and rinse and dry your hands. Remove his feet from the water and pat dry.

STEP 6: Carefully trim his toenails with a straight edge toenail clipper. Toenails are definitely easier to trim after soaking. Cutting toenails when wet also helps to avoid cracking and splitting the nails.

Toenails should be trimmed straight across...above the quick. Don't cut toenails shorter than the end of the toe. Cutting nails too short can increase the chance of developing an ingrown toenail. And an ingrown toenail can give anyone the disposition of a killer shark.

STEP 7: File the edges of his toenails smooth with an emery board. (Don't may be your leg getting scraped in the night...) You can also use an emery board to reduce the thickness of a nail if you need to. You can get larger emery boards with a more coarse filing surface at Sally Beauty if your man's toenails are extra the Great White Killer Shark territory.

STEP 8: Follow up with the Pedi Sander file from the kit to gently buff away any calluses on the bottoms and sides of his feet. But don't touch the back of his heels. The Pedi Sander file is like an emery board to buff his feet even smoother. Sanitize the file between uses.

For the refreshing finale...

STEP 9: Massage the feet with the Pedi Soft Foot and Leg Lotion. Begin by starting at the top of each foot, working your way down to the toes with a gentle but firm massage. Add a little extra lotion to the roughest skin areas and give your "Sole Mate" an erotic foot massage.

This is where you show him what you've really got. Fuel his fantasies. He'll be thinking: "OMG...if she is this good on my FEET...just think how good she will be on my..." Oh, yeah...make him moan.

Be ready for some night fun to follow.

I am going to try to follow this up every week to keep his feet nice. No more sleeping with killer shark feet scraping me.

BTW...In my house, turnabout is more than fair play...tonight is my turn to receive the "treatment" from him. Or...when he is fishing around for birthday ideas for you...suggest a pedicure.

photo of sexy red tonails in beautiful open-toed high heeled shoes

I'll be asking for Essie "Sassy Satchel" red polish on my toenails.

Remember that scene in Bull Durham when Kevin Costner paints Susan Sarandon's toenails? That is hot! man will not be wearing the French Maid costume because that would just be wrong.

For gift ideas that your man will love...don't miss... Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For.

Fun feet factoids...

From the Gena Feet To Go Kit insert (in case you are ever on Jeopardy):

  • Feet contain 1/4 of the body's bones. Each foot has 28 bones.

  • Feet can expand up to 10 percent during the day.

  • The force of gravity concentrates as much as three times a person's weight on the foot and ankle.

  • The skin on a person's feet is 7 times thicker than skin on other parts of the body.

  • A person's foot will travel more than 7,000 steps in an average day.

  • Your feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands compared to only 72,000 on your palms.

  • Your feet will lose more than 4 ounces of moisture a day.

  • A killer shark does not have feet. Obviously, I added that one myself.

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