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Success with Men mp3 audio

#3 3 1/2 Hours Instructional Audio

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The videos and audio files follow the carefully sequenced books...making it easy to follow from the essentials to the advanced techniques.

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  • Feel more confident with your sex skills.

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  • The quickest way to experience 2 kinds of multiple orgasms...
    and an intense "blended" orgasm.

  • 5 steps to intensify orgasms.

  • Sex positions... and variations...for exquisite orgasms.
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  • Lose your inhibitions as you combine a lap dance and striptease.

  • Add the variety the excitement you have been craving.

  • Enjoy memorable erotic experiences.

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  • Avoid the #1 guaranteed man repellent.

  • Create a deep and lasting emotional connection with a man.

  • Enjoy a relationship without the crazy emotional drama.
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  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

  • Footjob Fantastiques

  • Foreplay without Boreplay...
    The Woman's Guide to Primal Passion

  • Self Hypnosis...
    Secrets to Transform Your Life

  • The Perfect Kiss...
    Ultimate Kissing Techniques

  • Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For

  • Waxing Like a Pro...
    How to Do Your Own Waxing

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