G Spot Orgasm Secrets

picture of G spot

Feel your G spot on the front wall of your vagina.

Do you know how to experience an orgasm from the sensitive nerve endings in your G spot? You can discover how to find and trigger all those pleasure points by pleasuring yourself.

Your G spot is the mass of tissue around your urethra. It swells with fluid during sex like your clitoris and labia. This spot on the front wall of your vagina is normally only about the size of a pea. When sexually aroused...it can swell to the size of a walnut. Then it is easier for you to find.

Stimulation of this sensitive area makes some women release a fluid. This is called female ejaculation. It is not urination.

Find Your G spot

1. Feel along the front wall of your vagina with your fingers curved toward the front.

drawing of a hand making the come hither gesture

"Come hither"

2. About an inch or two inside your vagina on the front wall you'll find an area that feels ridged...like the ridges on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.

3. Once you feel that ridged tissue...curve your fingers upward toward your navel with a "come hither" motion. This will stimulate your G spot.

4. Use a firm rhythmic pressure on the front wall of your vagina for a better response.

The Sexiest GPS...
G spot Positioning System

Positions which work well for you to orgasm during sexual intercourse include...
  • Doggy style.
  • Missionary...with your hips propped up with pillows.
  • Cowgirl...with you leaning forward into his face...instead of just moving straight up and down.

Your A spot...Faster...Deeper...More

The "A spot"...AFE-zone...Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone...is the female equivalent of the male prostate. Pressure on the A spot produces rapid lubrication of the vagina...even in women who are not normally sexually responsive.

The A spot is a spot on the front wall of your vagina that can induce orgasm. It is just above your cervix...at the innermost point of your vagina.

photo of a prostate massager

You can use a prostate massager to stimulate your AFE zone.

The cervix of your uterus is the narrow part that protrudes slightly into the vagina...leaving a circular recess around itself. The front part of this recess is called the anterior fornix.

Direct stimulation of this spot can produce violent orgasmic contractions. And unlike your clitoris...it doesn't suffer from post-orgasmic over-sensitivity.

To hit your A spot...prop your hips up with pillows in missionary position. Your man needs to aim his thrusts high.

You can buy a special AFE vibrator to probe this zone... long... thin...and curved upward at its end. The same vibrator is sold as a "prostate massager" for men.

Explore more secrets of your G spot and female anatomy.

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