Foreplay Secrets

To Tantalize & Mesmerize Your Man

photo of a man kissing the small of a woman's back

A few months into a relationship...when the initial infatuation has worn off...there may be times when your man seems to have sex with you on autopilot. He is comfortable with he doesn't always feel the need to seduce you with foreplay before sex.

In a long term relationship... it's great that you know what works on your bodies. But sticking to the same thing won't lead to a bed shaking finale.

When you touch each other in a familiar way every time...your body becomes desensitized...and it won't feel as arousing.

Use creative foreplay ideas to make a man ache for you so badly that it hurts.

Take control of his body and mind as you take foreplay beyond kissing.

Deliver a variety of hands-on stimulation techniques. Instead of heading straight for his penis...mix up your sexual touches with these creative foreplay ideas.
photo of a woman's nails lightly scraping a man's bare back

Alternate between.... pique his pleasure.

These contrasting caresses electrify the nerve endings in his skin...and the surprise factor helps rev him up even more.

Then Thoroughly Please

photo of a woman kissing a man's chest

A little sweet torture builds your man's anticipation so that when you finally do pounce...every touch is extra delicious.

Masterful foreplay is like taking a rubber band and stretching it out more and more.

When you finally let it go…the release will be much stronger than if you hadn't stretched it out.

The Powerful Art Of the
Sneak Attack

We always want most what we can't have. It's the yearning and anticipation that makes a reward the sweetest.

Kissing techniques can be combined with some sexy language to build anticipation.

If you are somewhere semi-public and can't go at each your hips against his and massage him with your pelvis.

People in crowded elevators usually look straight sneakily grind your body against his or slide your palm over his butt while your unsuspecting co-riders watch the floors tick by.

Never underestimate the power of the unexpected touch that leaves your man wanting more.

Be on the lookout for opportune moments to touch him "accidentally" with creative foreplay ideas.

photo of a man kissing the back of a woman's neck For example...

If you're out together at a party or bar...send him a sext message that hints at what you'd like to do to him later. Text Messaging to Sext Him Up can help you get going with sexy text messaging.


His Bliss Buttons

Use creative foreplay ideas to send your man into frenzy...

The Pleasure Mound On His
Lower Back

photo of a woman's hands on a man's bare back

The base of the spine on the lower back is a center of sensitive nerve endings to be aroused by your touch.

1. Wrap your arms around him and slide your hands down his back.

2. Work your hands down in a kneading motion.

3. Switch to a softer touch at his lower back.

4. Slightly spiral your fingers over the base of his spine. Just the softest touch here will send chills throughout his body.

5. Rake your fingernails gently across his skin to deepen the sensation.

6. Rest your fingertips just above his butt crack and press slowly but firmly into the bony area at the base of his spine... his sacrum.

Be the Best He's Ever Had...
Foreplay Your Man's Way

photo of a man kissing a woman's neck Most men enjoy kissing that is...

It is a turn on when you seem animalistic. Your man takes it as a sign of that "gotta-have-him-now" lust. It shows that you are as into sex as he is.

Men tend to be tougher than don't be afraid to touch him in a way that you might find a bit rough.

The threshold for pain is higher during arousal...and a bit of roughness can intensify his orgasm.

To graduate from basic with mind-blowing creative foreplay ideas...incorporate all of his pleasure receptors.

Turn Up the Heat

Put your whole body into the action. The more body parts that you involve...the more intense the experience for both of you. Cradle his face with one hand and grab his butt with the other...while you simultaneously press your breasts and pelvis against him.

photo of a woman's fingers pressing into a man's bare back

A single erotic act can permanently sear a sexual encounter into a man's brain.

Treat him to a tantalizing experience by touching him from head to toe. photo of a man lovingly kissing a woman
Tease him by... picture of Foreplay Without Boreplay...The Woman's Guide to Primal Passion

Just knowing you have sex on the brain will have him aching to get you alone. Sexy is a state of mind.

Push him face down on the bed and run your hard nipples up and down his back and buttocks.

The more you anticipate sex...the more aroused you get...the more intense your orgasm.

You deserve much more than a boring, routine sex life. You deserve excitement... arousal...and satisfaction. Make the effort to stir things up. Do for your man what another woman would do if she were out to excite him...and he will be yours forever.

Prepare to be worshipped.

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