Foreplay...Not Boreplay

photo of a blindfolded man kissing a woman

Foreplay doesn't have to mean "boreplay".
Board games aren't "bored" games if you play them right. There are no losers in these games.

Add a sense of fun to sex with a game occasionally. Everybody wins...because the end doesn't come...until you do.

Truth or Dare

Here are some suggestions to get you started with a sexy take on that old standard...Truth or Dare.

Download free printable Truth or Dare cards here.

Wanton Wish Swap

Make your "lesson" into a mattress foreplay game. Announce one night that you want to play "Wanton Wish Swap".

Tell him one naughty thing you want him to do to you. Then he does the same for you.

He'll be so excited...he won't even realize you're schooling him with this foreplay game. Especially when you act out the wishes with your "Mattress Game Boy".

Strip Checkers

Each time one of you jumps a checker...the other person has to peel off an article of clothing.

Strip Scrabble

photo of Scrabble board game

Play Scrabble ( less than $20 at make it naughty words only.

Spell out a special message on his dresser with scrabble tiles... "I wanna f*ck you". This will get him in the mood!

You each get two tile holders and 14 tiles.

The object is to spell out words relating to sex...legitimate or slang...nasty or not. You can use a dirty slang dictionary as your authority.

If he makes a word on his will take off an article of clothing...and he gets another turn.

If he can't make a clothing is removed...but he gets to trade in some or all of his letters from the face down leftovers. Then it is your turn.

The loser has to give the winner 15 minutes of their choice of any erotic act.

Come prepared to cheat. Layer up...

The loser is presumably the one who bares all first. But you are a gracious winner...use your 15 minutes to give him a blowjob or a full-body massage.


Dirty Dice

photo of a pair of dice

Take turns rolling the dice. The number rolled determines what follows...

Carnal Cards Challenge

Take a normal deck of cards and assign each suit a sexual act...

Each number represents the heat level of that act.

You can't give the same kind of kiss or touch twice.

Take turns picking a card. For example...if you draw a five of diamonds...suck on his inner thigh. Draw a king of diamonds and suck the head of his penis.

This game is sexually turbocharged because neither of you has any idea what might be coming next.

Building sexual tension by the stop-and-start method increases your arousal.

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