"Fifty Shades of Grey" Unleashed

Live Out Your Fantasies

photo of a woman in sexy lingerie

Fuel your passion as you unleash your fantasy.

No-holds-barred...no strings-attached... anonymous...forbidden... sex is a powerful fantasy. Your man likely has a secret fantasy of a high-class call girl... and tonight...she is YOU.

Lose your inhibitions and unleash your inner child by playing "dress up".

You can even make dress up games a bit funny...a little humor can help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Dress up games can give your man the variety...the adventure...and the satisfaction he craves...with you! Give your man his fantasy. Give yourself YOUR fantasy. And a little role playing fun at home is less expensive than an adventure vacation.

Don't miss these hot role playing ideas to get you started with some sexy fun of your own.

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. Share your fantasy with your man...he wants to hear it! Let him share his fantasy with you...and fulfill it for him. Play nurse to his doctor...captive to his pirate.

If you have ever fantasized about being Marilyn Monroe...don't miss her amazing bedroom secret.

50 Shades of Red Hot

I'm sure you have heard of "Fifty Shades of Grey". The two main characters meet under unlikely circumstances...

Then they have lots and lots of sex in all sorts of different places.

9 Top Erotica to Fuel Your Fantasies in Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms has more literotica suggestions you may enjoy.

If erotic fiction has you excited...Why not try living out your erotic "fifty shades of grey" fantasy? A seduction fantasy is not only exciting for your man...it will boost your sexual confidence as you feel even more beautiful and desirable.

Erotic Theatre for Two

a woman dressing in sexy shoes

Discover a new level of passion with a role play fantasy.

If you have ever fantasized about pretending to be anyone other than who you are in your ordinary daily life...then you are ready for a role-play fantasy "fifty shades of grey" style.

Role-playing dress up games isn't about giving an Oscar-worthy performance. When you pretend you're someone else...you change the rules. With fantasy role-play...you can more easily move outside your comfort zone.

If you feel a little weird about playing characters...ease your way into assuming a new sexual identity by simply tweaking your routine. For example...be more dominating if your man usually calls the shots.

Unleash Your Wild Child...
Erotic Acting

a photo of a woman in black leather 
dominatrix gear

Enhance your confidence with a sexy outfit.

Lose your inhibitions and unleash your inner child by playing "dress up".

Costumed role play is a chance for you to be who you have fantasized about being. Try being who you have always been too afraid or inhibited to be during a sexy scenario adventure.

A costume will help you to slide into your "role". Savor this chance to escape from your everyday life.

For a thrilling seductress fantasy scenario with your man...wear something red or black in sheer fabric or lace. Add red lipstick and nails.

Wear a wig of a color and style different from your own hair to change yourself as much as possible.

Wear a sexy bra and panties with stockings and garter belt...or a corset. Corsets are designed to help you suck in your midsection and create a thinner waistline. As an added bonus...corsets have a built-in breast lift and enhancer.

Add your raciest heels and a new perfume to complete your new persona.

You can even make dress up games a bit funny...a little humor can help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

And the most important thing of all... add a "heapin' helpin" of self confidence. Va-va-voom...unleash your inner bombshell. You know she's in there waiting to come out and play. You are awesome...and your man knows it!

Set the Stage for a Fantasy Scenario

Keep your erotic imagination alive. Call him and make a date for later. Spend some time during the day anticipating what will happen later to get yourself into a very sexy state of mind.

An exciting erotic massage can help you relax as you unleash your own fifty shades of grey.

Don't forget to have plenty of lube and condoms handy. You can learn to put on a condom with your mouth in The Eroticism of Safer Sex.

Strangers in the Night

Role playing in public can be especially exciting. Pretend you and your man are complete strangers.

Inspire steamy erotic encounters in "fifty shades of grey"...no fifty shades of RED HOT...with the hot sexy words your man longs to hear. Talking dirty can spice up the dialogue while amping up the arousal level. Discover everything you always wanted to know to talk dirty during sex.

photo of a woman bending over fastening her garter

Warm him up with a spectacular lap dance before your dress up game.

Introduce yourself by another name. Then say something like: "What do you want...and how do you want it? I am going to get you off like you have never had it before. That will be $300." You can always treat him to dinner with your "earnings" later.

Slide your hands sensuously over his body as you undress him.

Whisper: "You are irresistible. You are making me totally hot...and I just can't wait to take you in my mouth...like...this..."

Begin with long, slow licks...as if you were eating an ice cream cone. Throw yourself into your performance as you give an erotically masterful blowjob.

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere!

Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities has more arousing adventure ideas for you. If you are short on time or money... there are some great costumes that you can put together with clothes and accessories that are most likely already in your closet.

Discover more secrets of sexy fun...

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