Female Orgasm Secret

Use your Kegel (PC) muscles during sex to intensify your female orgasm...and his pleasure.

Put his finger inside you. Squeeze and contract your PC muscles. Say: "I've been working my PC muscles out. Can you tell? Think that'll feel good when your cock is inside me?"

During sex...continue your sensuous squeezing. Alternate your squeezing with some sexy conversation like:

photo of a woman whispering in the ear of a man

Don't forget the hot language during sex.

Your erotic language and squeezing will launch him into erotic ecstasy.

Secrets to Intensify a Female Orgasm

photo of a woman enjoying an orgasm

Squeeze your Kegels for a stronger female orgasm.

A female orgasm is essentially an intense contraction of your Kegel(PC) and pelvic floor muscles.

When your man is inside you...squeeze your PC muscles really tight each time before he re-enters. He'll enjoy the tightness as he thrusts into you. Your man can feel you squeezing and relaxing your PC muscles. That grip and release sensation is similar to involuntary orgasmic twitches.

Squeeze your Kegels muscles when he's about to cum. This prolongs his orgasm...and helps give you an easier, stronger orgasm.

When you're close to orgasm...tighten and relax your Kegels. This alone can sometimes trigger an orgasm.

The second you feel that first orgasmic contraction...keep pumping your PC muscles in small bursts to draw out the wave. Flexing that PC muscle strength that you built in your sexercises will move into the world of multiple orgasms.

Remember not to hold your breath as you experience orgasm. Take slow deep breaths.

Orgasmic Contraction Rate Tip

The rhythmic orgasmic contraction rate for women...and men...is .8 seconds. Try stroking at a rhythm of about one per second when you are close to orgasm to climax more quickly.

How to Breathe to
Intensify Your Orgasm

photo of a woman breathing deeply

Take slow deep breaths as you orgasm.

Breathe deeply and exhale completely during sex...whether solo or during intercourse. You can actually use your breath to control your orgasm.

While you're having sex...it's easy to get so tense and obsessed with experiencing an orgasm that you shorten your breath...which slows blood flow and can dampen desire.

Deep...long...slow...full...abdominal breaths...

Practice breathing deeply...contracting your vaginal muscles...and relaxing. Breathing is an important part of getting the most from your muscles. The expression "heavy breathing" applies during self pleasure as well as sex.

Deep breathing aids in achieving an orgasm. Breathe deeply during sex tonight to give yourself an even bigger orgasm.

Relax and breathe deeply during your orgasm.

As You Reach the Summit

photo of a man on top of a woman

Keep moving your hips and squeezing your Kegels as he is cumming.

As you feel yourself reaching orgasm...slow down to half your full speed. Stay there for a minute. Then pick up the pace again.

While he is cumming inside you...alternate between kissing him hard and licking his lips. Keep moving your hips and squeezing your PC muscles.

Immediately after he cums...while he is still inside you...run your fingers down his back...over his buttocks...and along his sides...in a slow wavelike rhythm. Gently pull his hair and massage his scalp.

Try these Kegel exercises for more intense orgasms.

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