Female Orgasm Control With Self Hypnosis

Reduce Sexual Performance Anxiety...
Reduce Negative Thinking...
Feel Irresistibly Attractive

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One key to overcoming obstacles to female orgasm control lies within your mind.

You can use self hypnosis to help you...

Performance Anxiety is Born

Many sexual problems have to do with your inner fears...stress or depression...rather than actual physical problems.

Sexual problems can be caused by anxiety that physically inhibits your ability to perform. Then your physical inhibition causes more stress and frustration...which leads to more inhibition. It's a self-feeding cycle.

Many things can ruin your enjoyment of sex and lead to more performance anxiety...

When your sex life is lacking...you may feel frustrated and depressed...which can lead to even more problems in the bedroom.

To reduce your sexual performance anxiety...you can reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can relax and enjoy sex.

Listening to your self hypnosis recording only takes 15 minutes a day of your valuable time. And it gives you a relaxing break to your day.

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