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photo of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's Sexy Bedroom Secret

What was Marilyn Monroe's sexy bedroom secret that sent JFK...and all her lovers...absolutely wild...and coming back for more? Feel like a powerful sex goddess as you unleash this secret.

photo of a woman with a banana on her lips

Blowjob Faux Deep Throat

Secret for a deep throat blowjob without having to take him into your throat. 3 effective techniques to control your gag reflex. What to do if you do start to gag so you don't ruin the mood.

photo of a the hand of a man clutching the sheets

Blowjob Finale Secrets

Bring your man to orgasm quickly during a blowjob with these tricks using your fingers, mouth, lips & tongue. Tips and tricks to intensify his orgasm. What to say & do after he cums.

photo of a womans tongue on her lips

Oral Sex Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

The most comfortable blowjob position to amplify pleasure. A versatile blowjob position to increase intimacy with your partner. Positioning tips to improve control & ease the pressure on your neck.

photo of a woman with pearls in her mouth

Blowjob Secrets to Blow His Mind

Add to the pleasure of a blowjob with this erotic twist on the scrunchie trick. How to use a silk scarf to intensify his pleasure. Heat him up with this simple but wildly erotic trick with pearls.

photo of a womans tongue on her lips

Blowjob Signature Secret

Deliver to your man the ultimate blowjob with your unique signature fellatio feat. Explore perineum pleasure in 6 no-fail steps, the lipstick trick and suction savvy for your oral sex toolbox.

photo of a tongue depressor on the lips of a woman

Blowjob Tips to Avoid Gagging

10 secrets to help you control your gag reflex when giving a blowjob. What to do if you start to gag so you don't ruin the mood. Sexy & naughty tips & techniques. How to deal with a large penis.

photo of a womans tongue on her lips

Blowjob Ultimate Secrets

The secret to a great blowjob. Increase your sexual confidence with these 5 oral sex techniques. How to add variety to oral sex. Quick & easy erotic techniques you can use right now.

photo of panties on the floor

Risk Free Sexting

Protect yourself from risk of embarrassment while sexting your man some very sexy eye candy. 4 sexty stories to enhance his memory of you. Move your relationship to the next sexty level.

photo of the naked back of a man

Massage Secrets

Sexy massage tips & tricks to connect more intimately with your partner. How to use sensual massage as foreplay to increase relaxation & arousal. Recommended product for lubrication.

photo of a woman leaning back in orgasm

Orgasm through Self Pleasure

Secrets for easier and faster multiple orgasms with self pleasure. How to use self pleasure during intercourse for more intense pleasure. What to do instead of faking an orgasm.

photo of a lemon being juiced

Handjob Secrets to Keep it Up

Arouse & pleasure your man with these easy but powerful handjob secrets. Keep him hard with these 6 effective techniques. The secret to the most effective hand motion. Mistakes to avoid.

photo of a woman in back of a man with her hands on him

The Top 8 Handjob Techniques

How to keep your man aroused by using a variety of hand skills. Step by step guide to 8 of the best handjob techniques for your sexy toolbox. The secret to the most pleasurable hand motion.

photo of a woman shaking her head

Handjob Technique Secrets

Feel confident in your hand skills with these powerful tips. Add to your man's pleasure with these easy handjob tricks. Your man will enjoy these techniques as foreplay or the main event.

photo of a woman reaching into a man's pants

Handjob Ultimate Grip Secrets

Get him up and keep him hard with these 10 easy steps. 6 essential hand grips for giving the ultimate handjob. Have some sexy fun arousing your man with these versatile hand techniques.

Raging Bull Cock Ring

Handjob Vibration Secrets

Combine erotic skin sensations and a vibrator to give your man a powerful vibrating handjob. Explore the erotic delights of a finger vibrator, vibrating cock ring and a bullet vibe.

photo of a woman and a man

Secrets to Success with Men

Use effective sales strategies to get what you want from a man. How to never sabotage yourself again. What a man wants in a woman for a relationship. How to play the relationship game to win.

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