Elevator Sex...Going Down?

Hot Sex In a Hurry...
33 Places for a Quickie

#17. Elevator Sex...Living the Dream
One Floor at a Time

photo of a couple in an 
elevator looking aroused

For some hot sex...make the long ride up to the 39th floor a lot more interesting.

Check for security cameras before attempting elevator sex. One strategy for claustro-sex is to wait until you can get on an empty elevator and hit the stop button midway between floors.

Try that in an older elevator that moves slowly or a freight elevator that is used less often. This way you'll have more time before a technician can "rescue" you...after you push the stop button.

Keep in mind that stopping the elevator between floors can sometimes send off an alarm that something is wrong with the elevator. Test the stop button and then see if you can cum before security does.

A more difficult and exciting way to have claustro-sex is to simply ride the elevator up and down. You do it when you have the car to yourselves and look innocent when someone gets on.

Don't press any floor buttons. When you feel the elevator go into motion...you'll know to disengage...since someone has just called it.

Check to make sure there are no cameras peaking down from the ceiling so you don't have the police waiting for you on one of the floors.

Every elevator has its busiest times...for offices this is from nine to five and for apartments it's during morning and afternoon "rush hours." The best time is probably in the middle of the night.

picture of Hot Sex In a Hurry 33 Places for a Quickie

If you have on a loose skirt with no panties you can easily bend over for doggie style. Or get on your knees and go down on your man while the elevator goes down. A face-to-face standing position is hot...but can get very tiring for your man to hold you up.

This is one of the most riskiest places to have sex in public. Elevator sex can be some of the best sex that you can have because it will be a quick and steamy thrill. So...live the dream...one floor at a time.

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