Dress Up Games for Sexy Scenarios

picture of Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities
Dress up games are a sensually exciting way to explore your passionate fantasies.

Fantasy is the realm of the imagination where you can explore the forbidden. You can let your fantasies run wild and become anyone...and enjoy things that you would never do in real life.

Exploring your fantasies can open a door to your arousal. Explore some unique and sexy ideas in Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities

An erotic fantasy is any thought... idea...image...or scenario...that interests you sexually.

Here are some fantasy scenario ideas to get you started with some erotic dress up games...

photo of a woman in fishnets and stiletto heels with hands bound with a belt

Being Restrained...

1. Held down.
2. Tied up.
3. Handcuffs.
4. Bondage.
5. Tied to a chair.
6. Tied to the bed.
7. Blindfolded.

photo of a formally dressed man and a woman wearing a mask

Casual or Anonymous Partners...

1. A stranger in a bar.
2. Sex with someone you don't know...a waiter...the UPS guy.
3. A porn star.
4. While masked.

photo of a woman removing her short plaid skirt

First Time...

1. Having intercourse.
2. Having oral sex.
3. As a sex worker.
4. As a baby sitter.
5. As a younger student.


Being in Control...

1. Exerting sexual power to lead the sexual action.
2. Erotic dominance as an S/M top.
3. Forcing your partner to service you as a sexual slave.
4. Sexual initiation...taking a virgin.
5. Tying up your lover.
6. Shaving your partner.
7. Spanking someone naughty.
photo of a sexy woman on top of a bare-chested man

photo of a woman in a bustier with her hands bound in leather

Loss of Control...

1. As a sex slave...your genitals used for someone else's gratification.
2. Someone has sexual power over you and makes you do things.
3. Being helpless or powerless.
4. In the hands of a cop.
5. Tied up or spanked.
6. Being the submissive.
7. Letting your lover call the shots and lead the action.


1. Having sex with a forbidden person like clergy.
2. Significant age difference.
3. Inappropriate urges or timing.
4. Non consent...rape.
photo of a man holding a woman bent over a car

photo of a beautiful woman being kissed by two men

Multiple Partners...

1. A gang bang.
2. Sex with the football team.
3. Threesome.
4. Sex party.

Your Current or Past Partner...

1. A memory of a real-life event.
2. Imagining a peak experience you hope to have together.
3. Behaving differently than usual...such as being dominant or submissive.
photo of a woman being kissed by a man against a wall

photo of a man kissing a woman lying in the sand on a beach

Public Places...

1. Sex in a Car.
2. The Mile High Club.
3. Sex on the Beach.
4. Sex Under the Stars.
5. Elevator Sex.


1. Dreamy settings.
2. Being seduced by an actor.
3. Getting rescued by a hot and horny fireman.
4. Saving your sexy fantasy lover from danger.
photo of a sexy bare-chested fireman on a ladder

photo of a man kissing a woman in bed


1. Secretly watching people having sex.
2. Secretly seeing someone self-pleasure.
3. Seeing other people view sex acts.

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