Dress Up Games for
Sexy Role Playing

Erotic Submission...Sweet Surrender

Have you tried a dress up games for sexy role playing?

photo of a sexy woman with her 
wrists bound

Your man would love to be raw and animalistic with you...but he needs to know you want it too. Let him know that you're in the mood for him to conquer you...caveman-style. Kiss him seductively and then pull away. Say: "If you want more...come and get it."

Being a submissive is a little more complicated dress up game because it relies on your man's ability to take the lead in your fantasy scenario.

A favorite female fantasy is to be taken. It's a turn-on to feel like he wants you so badly...he just can't help himself.

A dominant-submissive fantasy scenario is when he "makes" you do it...or you "make" him submit to it.

photo of a man tied to a headboard with scarves

Fuel the fires of fantasy with a scenario in which one of you is dominant and the other submissive. Add some spanking or rough play to amp things up.

Tell him he has been naughty. Don't be grim about it...have fun. Pull his pants down...expose his bare butt...and spank him. Rub his cheeks and play with them. Then say: "Hot ass!" and swat him again.

Erotic Dominance...Summon His Buried Bad Boy

Say to your man: "I want to find out how it feels for you to hold me down on the bed and show me how hot you are for me." Playfully push him away and writhe around a little in a fake struggle. This scenario feels so deliciously naughty because you're pretending to resist his wicked advances...even though you both know you want them.

photo of the hands of a man tied to a bed

Or for another dress up game...instruct your man to hide behind the door and "surprise" you by taking charge when you get home one night. He can either have his way with you right in the foyer or pull you into the bedroom. Playfully resist by trying to close your legs.

Just don't get too rough...and make sure you have a safeword negotiated beforehand. A safeword makes it possible for a bottom to say "No" or "Stop".

Use a word as a safeword that wouldn't normally come up in conversation or pillow talk...such as "pomegranate".

Weaving a Spell...Teasing Your Captive

photo of an unbuttoned white shirt of a woman revealing her bra

Dress up games can feature a pirate captive storyline. Or deliver your man a sexy "restraining order"...as a police woman.

Or use an old front buttoning shirt and let him tear it open. That feels especially passionate and intense.

Getting tied up instantly boosts the sexual energy because it makes you feel vulnerable. When you're bound...you're completely at the mercy of your partner's urges...which is exciting. Plus...you can focus entirely on being pleasured.

photo of a sexy pirate man

It is your job in this scenario to give him what he asks for. Play up that he is in control and responsible for pleasuring you.

Since you'll feel totally like his sex toy...add to the arousal of being restrained and begging him to "release" you and let you orgasm. He can use his power to either allow you to climax or withhold stimulation for a deliciously tortuous minute.

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