Dirty Talk...
10 Secrets to Heat Him Up

photo of a woman with her arms around the neck of a man

Turn him on during sex with some dirty talk.

Deliver some dirty talk to your man to build his anticipation and get him even more aroused. Let your man know you want him by talking dirty to him in the bedroom. Let him know you are as enthusiastic about sex as he is.

Men have been conditioned to hear dirty language by porn. You man won't be as turned on during sex without it.

Don't be afraid to act like a porn star and have fun. Silent sex is just not as hot. Watching a movie with the sound off isn't much fun. Turn your man on with the passionate sound of your arousal.

1. To talk dirty you want to replace clinical sounding anatomical words with naughty ones. You can see and hear examples of dirty talk in Say it Sexy...Words to Seduce Any Man...Any Time.

2. Don't use funny names for body parts. It's distracting and just sounds silly. You don't need to be creative with this.

3. Save talking dirty for him in private. But you can whisper something privately to him when you are in public.

4. It isn't just what you say, but how passionately you say it that is important. If you feel stupid with dirty talk...then it isn't going to come out hot and turn him on. Don't worry...your effort will turn him on. He won't think you're silly.

5. Say what you really feel. Faking it is tiresome and boring. Avoid the big fake: "oh...oh...oh!" You need to really feel and believe what you are saying for it to come out hot.

Fake giggling and laughing is annoying and absolutely not sexy. Watch that...especially if you are feeling a bit nervous.

6. Use a slightly deeper and lower voice to sound sexier. Show some enthusiasm in your voice: "Mmm...I know you like it."

The more you can relax and let go, the better sex will be for both of you. You can enjoy sex even more by really getting enthusiastic.

photo of a woman whispering in the ear of a man

Tell him how much you enjoy what he is doing.

If he seems shocked, which I think is unlikely, you can always say: "Sorry you make me so hot. I just went overboard there. You turn me on so much it just drives me crazy." He'll forgive you.

7. You should start with phrases that don't make you feel uncomfortable. Try getting a bit graphic as you tell him how much you enjoy what he is doing.

You just need to use a handful of basic phrases at first. When you get comfortable then build up your repertoire of phrases.

8. Be simple and to the point. Keep it short and breathy. Err on the side of saying less rather than more.

9. See how your man reacts as you use dirty talk during foreplay. Tell him what sort of things you would like to do to him...or for him to do to you.

10. Look up into his eyes and grin seductively while you whisper the words every man longs to hear.

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