Cowgirl Position Secrets for A Screaming Orgasm

photo of the back of a woman on the lap of a man

Intensify your pleasure with 17 cowgirl position secrets.

To intensify your pleasure when you are on top in cowgirl position during sex...

1. Grind your clitoris against him in a rocking addition to thrusting. Or use your fingers...or guide stimulate your clitoris while finding the grinding rhythm that works best.

2. Slide up and down his entire shaft when in cowgirl position. Bounce up and down without letting him slip out...rather than making all the way in-and-out moves. If you feel like you're are bouncing too much...tame the bumpy ride by using slower and more controlled movements as you move up and down.

3. Move to deep, slow penetrations that completely envelop his penis to stimulate your G spot. He can use his hands on your hips to help you stroke.

4. Tilt your pelvis and move in small, tight motions while in cowgirl position.

5. Lean back on your palms with your legs tightly closed on the outside of him. With your legs close'll feel really snug around his penis. When you lean get greater G spot stimulation for a deep G spot orgasm. You will feel even sexier as your stomach looks flatter and your breasts look perkier when you lean back.

photo of a woman sitting on a man

Slowly rock and rotate on him.

6. Rock your derriere back and forth... while rotating your hips. A slow rocking motion lets his penis glide over your G spot for a sensually long orgasmic buildup.

7. Arch your back to angle his penis so it rubs against your G spot and give him room to play with your clitoris.

8. Squeeze your buttocks for more control and sensation.

9. Shift positions to switch up your sensations. Experiment to find the penetration and positioning that feels best for you. Don't worry if your bodies aren't moving perfectly in aren't in a music video.

10. Alternate slow, shallow strokes with deep thrusts. Suddenly speed up...then go more slowly. Think of the slow climb at the beginning of a roller coaster ride.

11. Change directions...with him inside you. Gyrate your hips in a circle in a clockwise direction. Switch to counterclockwise... then back...every 30 seconds or so. This'll feel his shaft rub against your vaginal walls...and he doesn't know what is coming next.

12. Swivel your hips in figure-eight motions so you're moving his penis around inside like you would a joystick for a video game.

13. Make slow, wide swiveling corkscrew motions.

14. With him deep inside you...gently swivel your hips from side to side and then all around. Move your hips in a steady circular a belly dancer. As you're swiveling...your breasts will be bouncing exhibitionist's dream. Sensuously rub your breasts over him.

15. Flex your Kegel (PC) muscles in cowgirl position around the head of his penis. Then as you are sliding up his penis...contract your PC muscles and squeeze your way up his shaft. Release...and slide back down his penis. This will give him a tight fit as it helps you orgasm.

16. To get the timing right for simultaneous orgasm...if you sense he's about to cum and you are not...slow down and stimulate your clitoris.

17. Increase your speed as you come closer to orgasm.

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