Coupons for Sexy Gifts

Download free gift certificates for unique gift ideas for your man .

The ones I have made for you to give are...

photo of Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For

These free gift certificates are also good for other occasions...

There are 12 free gift certificates for unique birthday gifts. Or you can give your man a gift coupon for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Or for a birthday can wrap a gift coupon in a small box...and then wrap that in a bit larger box with another coupon...and so on...nesting one inside another for up to 12 boxes.

For more ideas for using your free gift coupons... check out Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For.

And turnabout is fair play...

Make some free gift certificates for him to give to you.

And it's easy to present ideas for free gift certificates in a more positive way than nagging or begging him to do something. Just say: "Honey...I know you don't enjoy shopping for I've got an idea that could help..."

There is a blank coupon in the coupon file you downloaded. Just fill in with...

You can start your coupon list by making a wish list of all the stuff you wish your man would do...and go from get the idea.

photo of a sexy woman in red holiday lingerie

And the secret to really great giving is...give as you would like to receive. Don't forget the sexy fun you will have delivering your man HIS gifts...Ohh...Santa Baby!

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