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Explosive Orgasms

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10 Things You Will Discover in Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms

Chapter 1...Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm

The 5 Erotic Essentials of Great Sex

Top 10 Reasons You May Not Experience an Orgasm

Medication Issues

Three Types of Female Orgasms

Chapter 2...Your Ecstatic Expedition

It's Your Orgasm...Not His

The Key to Keeping Him Satisfied

Enthusiasm Rules

Chapter 3...The Key to Becoming An Absolutely Unforgettable Lover

Stay in the Moment

Are We Having Sex Now Or What?

Get Your Mind Set for Pleasure

Tease Yourself Before He Arrives

The New "Threesome"

Your Bare Essentials

7 Ways to Look Gorgeous Naked

Add to the Seduction With Lingerie

Lingerie Shopping

Chapter 4...Turn Your Ripple into a Tsunami

A Versatile Sex Toy

Chapter 5...The Scent of a Woman

Arouse Your Fantasies

9 Top Erotica to Fuel Your Fantasies

Steamy Scenes

Adult Films without Guilt

A Sound Track to Put the Rhythm in Your Romp

The 20 Hottest Songs to Have Sex To...Songs in the Key of Sex

Key Points of Introduction

Step One...Self Pleasure to Experience Orgasm

Chapter 6...Your Hands-On Guide to Solo Sex

4 Things You Didn't Know About Solo Sex

Top 10 Reasons to Self Pleasure

The Crucial Step to Climaxing with a Man

Practice Makes Perfect

Not In the Mood?..."Just Do It" Really Works

Menopause...It's Not That Simple

Chapter 7...Building Blocks for Great Sex

Fly Solo to Heighten Your Libido

3 Best Positions for Solo Sex

16 Sweet Facts About Your Clitoris You Need to Know

Lubricate to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Chapter 8...Double Your Pleasure Guide

Why Use a Vibrator?

Take Your Climax to the Max

The Purring Thrusting Panther

Do You Like It Hard Or Soft?

Silicone Rules

Clean Up Your Toys

Don't Run Out Of Juice

Foreign Bodies

Expand Your Skills

What Your Man Won't Tell You...Because He Doesn't Really Know

Chapter 9...Unlocking the Secrets of Your G-spot

The Sexiest GPS...G-spot Positioning System

Your A-spot...Faster...Deeper...More

Trigger a G-spot Orgasm...

How to Breathe to Intensify Your Orgasm

Orgasmic Contraction Rate Tip

Chapter 10...The Ultimate Orgasm

4 Ways to Trigger a Blended Orgasm

Use Your Kegel Muscles

What Kegel Exercises Do...And Don't Do

The Ultimate Sexercises for the Most Intense Orgasms Ever
  1. Kegel Sexercise
  2. Pelvic Connecting Crunch
  3. Pelvic Connecting Crunch
Amplify Solo Sex

5 Secrets to Intensify Your Orgasm and Extend Your Ecstasy

Chapter 11...A Vulva is Not a Vagina

What is Female Ejaculation?

Bikini Waxing

6 Signs You Are Aroused

Step by Step Guide to Self Pleasuring...20 Steps to Solo Bliss

Key Points of Step One...Self Pleasure to Experience Orgasm

Step Two...Give Him a Private Showing

Chapter 12...Show-Off Sex

Show Him Your Sexy Secret

Let Him See the Show

A Sizzling Hot Date Night

Marilyn Monroe's Bedroom Secret

Key Points of Step Two...Give Him a Private Showing

Step Three...Experience an Orgasm fromIntercourse with Toys

Chapter 13...Be a Carnal Connoisseur

Satisfaction Without Faking It

6 Ways to Introduce a Sex Toy Without Making a Man Feel Like a Boy Toy

Small Vibes

Sex-cessorize with a Finger Vibe

Remote Mini Vibe With Pulsating Power

The We Vibe

Use a Cock Ring to Help the Bull Rage

Chapter 14...Sex Toys 'R' Us

Doggie Style Vibrations

Wild Card

Chapter 15...Are You the Hunter Or the Hinter?

How to Tantalize Your Man until He Can't Get His Mind Off You

Chapter 16...Wild Kingdom Sex

4 Ultimate Sexual Sneak Attacks

Sneaky Handjob

Carnal Heat Sneak

Cowgirl Surprise Ride

TV Surprise Blowjob

Chapter 17...How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do

The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say to a Man

School Him Seductively

Praise His Sexual Performance

Keep Praising His Sexual Performance

He's Tough...But Fragile

The Heat Is On...Him

Praise...With a Twist

Show Him the Key to Your Bliss

Let Him Know and Drive Him Wild

Clitoral School

Chapter 18...How to Ask a Naked Man What to Do

Chapter 19...Ultimate Sexual Positions for Female Orgasm

Subtle Secrets

Top 3 Positions for Female Orgasm

4 Reasons to Change Position During Sex

At the Moment of Glory

Chapter 20...Woman-on-Top

8 Reasons to Love "Woman-on-Top"

Number One Position for Men Revealed…Cowgirl

Getting Into Cowgirl Position

Start Your Engines

Take the Plunge

Close Quarters

17 Ways to Intensify Your Pleasure During Cowgirl

Straddle His Saddle

Erotic Inversion

Riding Side Saddle

Reverse Cowgirl...The Tantalizing Turn-Around

Get Down on It

The Secret for More G-spot Pleasure

Turn It Up and Turn It On

Chapter 21...Doggie Style

Position Yourself for Wild Kingdom Sex

3 Doggie Style Variations to Try

7 Ways To Make Doggie Style Even Steamier

To Turn Down the Heat in Doggie Style

But...You Don't Like Your Butt?

Sling Shot

Up Against the Wall

Chapter 22...Missionary with a Twist

An Easier Way to Climax With An Old Favorite

Spicy Surprise

Pillowing Pleasure

Hands Up

Meow...Coital Alignment Technique

CAT Positioning

New Angles

Leverage It

Intensify Your Orgasm...Rock Your World

Spread Eagle Sling

A Dominating Position

Chapter 23...He Stands to Deliver

Chapter 24...A New Number...77

7 Steps to Numeric Nirvana

Key Points of Step Three...Experience an Orgasm from Intercourse with Toys

Step Four...Experience an Orgasm from Intercourse

Chapter 25...The Window of Female Orgasmic Opportunity

Hold Your Position at the Moment of Glory

Chapter 26...Best Sex of Your Life

Are You a Corpus?

The "Wow! What Was That?" Experience

8 Secrets to Simultaneous Orgasms

The Main Event...Let Him See You

Sexational Secrets of Stress Relief Sex

Eyes Wide Open

Courtesan's Secret

Sweet Torture...Quiet Ecstasy

Chapter 27...Size Matters...But Not THAT Much

Cock Talk

If He's On The Small Side

If He's On The Large Side

Erectile Problems

Can Condoms Cause Erectile Difficulties?

Are We There Yet?

Chapter 28...Tease Him with Texture

Tie the Knot

More For Your Bag of Tricks

"Stocking" Him...Without "Stalking Him"

The New Super Scrunchie Trick

Passion Prop Play

Bobby Pins for Pain and Pleasure


Bondage Bedsheet

Tease and Tickle

Love is Blind...Folded

Chapter 29...Sweet Treats

Hide the Honey

Heat Up a Frozen Grape

6 Naughty Things to Do With Candy

Melted Chocolate

Body Paint Spray Candy

Candy Buttons


Sour Belts

Candy Necklace... As Edible Garter

Chapter 30...Oops

Top 3 Causes of Painful Sex

Beard Burn

The Dreaded Urinary Tract Infection

How to Survive After a "Not So Sexy" Mistake During Sex

3 Tips for a Flawless Recovery After an Awkward Moment

Is There a Solution For the Queff?

Chapter 31...Après-sex

Sexiest Thing to Do After Sex

Key Points of Step Four...Experience an Orgasm from Intercourse

Step Five...Experience an Orgasm from Oral Sex

Chapter 32...The Art of The 15-Minute Female Orgasm

Fantasy Frolic

Positioning for Pleasure

4 Best Positions for Cunnilingus

Unleash Your "Oralgasmic" Potential

Moment of Glory

Chapter 33...Game On

Chapter 34...Multiple Oralgasms

The Sqweel Can Make You Squeal

For Your Man...Cunnilingus Expertise

Chapter 35...The Secret to Experiencing Multiple Orgasms

4 Ways to Make Multiple Orgasms More Likely

A Second Serving of Dessert Without Any Calories

Play With Your Peaks

Two Kinds of Multiple Orgasms

Max Out Foreplay

How to Be the Most Memorable Woman He Has Ever Known

Touch Yourself During Sex

Just-the-Tip Tease

Chapter 36...The Habit That Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter

What Does a Man Want?

Let Your Wild Child Out to Play

Chapter 37...The Sex Pyramid for a Balanced Sex Life

Boredom-Proof Your Relationship

Chapter 38...30 Days to the Best Sex of Your Life

Key Points of Step Five...Experience an Orgasm from Oral Sex

picture of Super Sex... <br>5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms cover With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more intense satisfaction and fun than you ever imagined.

Discover more of my best secrets in Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms Complete Multimedia Course.

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