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The Perfect Kiss...
Ultimate Kissing Techniques

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This table of contents is from The Perfect Kiss...Ultimate Kissing Techniques.

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Imagine how much fun you will have with the all the valuable information in the complete book!


10 Things You Will Discover in The Perfect Kiss...Ultimate Kissing Techniques

Chapter 1...Kissing Techniques to Seduce a Man

Seal it With a Kiss
The Secret Society of Kissing Artists
The Key to an Intimate Kiss
A Prelude to a Kiss
At-Home Teeth Whitening
Sex Up Your Hot Lips and the Rest Will Follow

Chapter 2...How to Get Him to Kiss You Without Saying a Word

Sweet Anticipation...Waiting is the Hardest Part
Eyes Wide Open...Making the First Move


Chapter 3...6 Powerful Steps to a Knockout Kiss

7 Ways to Spice Things Up
2 Magic Mouth Moves

Chapter 4...12 First Kiss Do's and Don'ts

Cold Sores...The Ugly Truth

Chapter 5...13 Kisses You Must Master to Take Your Kissing to the Next Level

1. The Hot Hello
2. The Iconic Dip
3. The Sweet Tease
4. Kiss Him All Over 5. Naughty Nibbler
6. Goodbye...For Now
7. The Love Lock
8. Wandering the World
9. Stoke the Flame
10. Tongue Twister
11. A Sweet Treat
12. Champagne Kisses
13. Temperature Temptation
And another one just for fun...Pop Rocks

Chapter 6...10 Steps to More Bliss in Your Kiss

The Big O...Let Your Inner Animal Loose

Key Points of The Perfect Kiss...Ultimate Kissing Techniques

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There are many more of my best secrets in... The Perfect Kiss...Ultimate Kissing Techniques.

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