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10 Things You Will Discover in Test Messaging to Sext Him Up

Section One...Guidelines for Success

Chapter 1...Enter the Secret Society of Master Messengers

The Sex Toy Hiding in Your Purse

What is Sexting?

5 Reasons to Text Him

Chapter 2...Flirting with Finesse

Be Suggestive...Not Inappropriate

Chapter 3...3 Vocabulary Rules of a Sext Goddess

Chapter 4...Bait A Hook

A Gateway Drug

Chapter 5...Top 10 Caveats

Sorry Wrong Number...eek!

Tone Deaf

You Shouldn't Text Him When You're Trying to be Funny

Making Up

No Regrets

Chapter 6...Timing is Almost Everything

Follow the Leader

A Sign a Man Is Into You...He Texts You Between Noon and 5 p.m.

A Time and Place for Everything

Key Points of Section One...Guidelines for Success

Section Two...Getting Started

Chapter 7...Be Hard to Get or Easy to Forget

Let Him Pursue You and You Are Actually in Control

Balance the Power...In Your Favor

The Power Of Silence

Use Silence as a Weapon

Short and Sweet

He Can't Resist an Irresistible Challenge

Be Challenging...And Be Irresistible

Chapter 8...A+ Composition

Take Your Time

Variety is the Spice of Sext

Chapter 9...Emoticons

Chapter 10....How To Start A Sexting Conversation

Do It In Private

Chapter 11...Choose Your Own Adventure

"Sextual" Role Play

Name That Curve

Erotic Link Fantasy Game

Sexy Storyline

Phone Fantasy

Moaning Message

Key Points of Section Two...Getting Started

Section Three...Examples

Chapter 12...Sexting Expertise...Sext After Sext

A Picture is Worth 160 Characters

Visual Creativity

Striptease Story

Graphic Invitation

Chapter 13...The 120 Hottest Texts to Send a Man

Warm Him Up

The Hottest Thing to Say to a Man

Sweet and Subtle


Thinking of Him


Sound Fx

Hinting...Sexting with a Twist

Keep Him Guessing

Keep Him Intrigued

Open Ended

Subtle...But Powerful

Lingerie...Or Not

Girls Night Out

Working Girl

Sextual Fantasy

Short But Very Sweet

"Honey I'm Home"

Dirty Girl

Test the Waters

The Direct Approach

Before a Rendezvous

I Want to Have Sext With You...

I Want You to Want Me

I Want Your Body

Good Visuals Help

More Ideas to Arouse Him

Restaurant Sext Menu

PG-13 Shot

Visualize It

The Self Pleasure Show

Cheese with That?

65 Emoticons

Key Points of Section Three...Examples

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