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10 Things You Will Discover in Sexy Films for Savvy Women

Chapter 1...Why Watch Adult Films?

13 Reasons a Smart Woman Watches Adult Films

Fantasy Fodder

Turn It On...Turn It Up

How Do You Stack Up?

Body Issue Triggers

6 Biggest Myths About Adult Films

Check Your Expectations at the Door

Most Adult Films Follow a Boring Formula

Viewing Requirements...Patience and a Remote

Where Are All the Hot Men?

Adult Films are Not Realistic

Chapter 2...Selection Guide

Find the Right Adult Films for You...Anatomy of 14 Genre

The Name Says it All

Chapter 3...Adult Films Online

Safe Surfing

On the Box

Online Reviews

Tread Carefully

Internet Rentals...Not Just for Geeks

Video on Demand

Computer Safe Adult Films for $6.20?

Chapter 4...Getting Started

12 Adult Film Titles

Chapter 5...Viewing Adult Films

6 Top Tips for Viewing Solo

Adult Films for Couples

Sex While You Watch

Chapter 6...Fun and Games

5 Bondage Games to Play With Adult Films

8 Games for Adult Film Fun

Key Points of Adult Films for Savvy Women

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With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more intense satisfaction and fun than you ever imagined.

There are many more of my best secrets in... Sexy Films for Savvy Women.

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