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Say it Sexy...
Words to Seduce
Any Man...Any Time

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to Seduce Any Man...Any Time

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Say it Sexy...Words to Seduce Any Man...
Any Time

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Imagine how much fun you will have with the all the valuable information in the Complete Multimedia Course!


10 Things You Will Discover in Say it Sexy...Words to Seduce Any Man...Any Time

Chapter 1...Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Talking Dirty

Ease in With Texting...Sext Him Up

How to End Your Shyness with Talking Dirty

Chapter 2...Top 6 Vocabulary Words for Sex

Swearing Isn't Sexy

It's Not Just What You Say

5 Easy Ways to Get Started

The Sound of Silence

What Your Man Wants to Hear Even More Than "I'm cumming!"

How to Kill a Mood

"You Don't Say"...5 Ego-Busters NOT to Say

Chapter 3...4 Magic Words to Seduce Any Man...Anytime

Chapter 4...What Your Man Needs Most...From Your Mouth to His Ego

5 Oral Ovation Techniques

Fill In the Blank...7 Specific Ego Strokers

4 Words That Cheat Proof

The Sexiest Thing to Say When You See A Man Naked

Chapter 5...3 Fail Proof Ways to Get What You Want From a Man

Directing Traffic Isn't Sexy

Positive Please

Chapter 6...The Sexiest Thing of All to Say

Covert Ego Stroking

Build His Status With His Friends

Chapter 7...Phone Sex...Lust on the Line

Your Opening Night Performance

Act Two...His Turn

Chapter 8...The 71 Sexiest Things to Say to a Man

Promise Him the Best Time He Ever Had...

Let Him Know You Want Him...

Tell Him He Is Hot...

Cock Talk

Naughty Blowjob Dialogue

Let Him Know You Like What He is Doing...

Be Naughty...

Tell Him He Is Great At Sex...

Find Out What He Likes...

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Key Points of Say it Sexy to a Man
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With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more intense satisfaction and fun than you ever imagined.

This Say it Sexy...Words to Seduce Any Man...Any Time Contents is from the Complete Multimedia Course. Discover more of my best secrets there.

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