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10 Things You Will Discover in Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For

Chapter 1...Gifts for All Seasons and Stages of a Relationship

Don't Venture Into the Dreaded "Mom" Zone
Gifts for the 5 Stages of a Relationship

Chapter 2...You Just Started Dating...Should You Get Him a Birthday Gift?

4 Gift Ideas for the First Three Months of a Relationship

Chapter 3...He's Your Brand-New Boyfriend...4 Gift Ideas for 3-6 Months

The Yummiest Birthday Cake


Chapter 4...7 Gift Ideas for 7-11 Months

Chapter 5...You've Been a Couple for a While...8 Gift Ideas for 1-2 Years

6 Excursion Gifts

Chapter 6...5 Gift Ideas for a Serious Couple...Three Years or More

Chapter 7...Holidays

Valentine's Day...DON'T Spell Out "I Love You" With Chocolate
Seven Sinful Flavors
Christmas...Spread Very Good Tidings

Chapter 8...A Perfect Solution for Any Occasion

Key Points of The Ultimate Guide for Gift Giving to a Man

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There are many more of my best secrets in... Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For.

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