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Erotic Massage...
The 4 Hottest Ways To Heat Him Up

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Him Up

This table of contents is from Erotic Massage...The 4 Hottest Ways to Heat Him Up.

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10 Things You Will Discover in Erotic Massage...The 4 Hottest Ways to Heat Him Up

Chapter 1...Pre-Heating

Text Him a Warm Up


Music is the Food of Love

Chapter 2...The Main Event

Position Yourself

Work His Forearms

His Treasure Chest

His W-spot

6 Steps to Start Him Up

6 Ways to Wake Up His Inner Thighs

Head of the Matter

The Hairbrush Secret

9 Step Lower Back Massage

Target His Tailbone

Feel Completely Confident
In Your Oral Sex Skills

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Chapter 3...9 Percussion Technique

Rolling Pin

Pummel His Tush

Chapter 4...Who Says a Man Doesn't Want to Be Tied Down?

Chapter 5...Art of the Afterglow Massage

Blissful Bonus

Chapter 6...16 Step Genital Massage

17 Erotic Pressure Points...Techniques to Intensify Pleasure

Key Points of Section One

Section Two...Experience a Body Massage Candle

The Kissable Kandle...Kissable...Edible...Lickable Body Massage Candle

Kissable Kandle Flavors

Chapter 7...12 Steps to Light His Fire

4 Ways to Intensify the Pleasure With Him Face Down

Pleasure Mapping

An Explosive Finale

Chapter 8...4 Ways to Unhand Your Man for SPF

More Silky Smoothness

Key Points of Section Two...Experience a Body Massage Candle

Section Three...Nuru Massage

Setting Up

14 Steps to Nuru Nirvana

Consistency Counts

Pleasure By the Handful

Key Points of Section Three...Nuru Massage

Section Four...The Sole-Mate Massage

Jump in Feet First

12 Arousing Acupressure Points

Key Points of Section Four...The Sole-Mate Massage

picture of Erotic Massage...The 4 Hottest Ways to Heat Him Up 
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