Condom Sizing...
Because Size DOES Matter

Size matters. Condom sizing matters even more. The right fit completely changes how a man experiences sex with a condom.

Most condoms are made to fit men who are within the average range when erect...about four to seven inches.

Condoms come in a variety of sizes from Snugger Fit to Magnum. But on the average…they are 7.5 inches long...2 inches wide at the shaft...and a little more than 2 inches wide at the head.

A condom that is too tight...

Buying Magnum sized condoms just to feed his ego isn't wise. An oversize condom can slip off during sex...defeating the purpose of using them. And the extra material can make your man feel inadequate.

For most men...finding a condom that has the proper width makes all the difference in getting the condom sizing right.

If a condom ring is too tight around the shaft of the may be too uncomfortable to get lost in the moment and really enjoy sex.

If the width seems to fit...but there is still a considerable decrease in sensitivity...try a condom with a wider area around the tip. A wider tip allows movement around the most sensitive part of the penis during penetration...which feels more natural.

Correct condom sizing also makes putting one on easier and sexier. Explore how using the correct condom size can make application easier in How to Put on a Condom...The 12 Step Program.

Prophylactics come in a variety of shapes and sizes...but most manufacturers follow these guidelines...


Average..."Original Size"

photo of Kimono micro-thin condoms

Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated with Aqua Lube features one of the thinnest condoms in the U.S...combined with a special water-based lubricant...Aqua Lube. MicroThin Ultra Lubricated features a new straight-sided shape that makes putting them on easier.

Snugger Fit

picture of Beyond Seven condoms

These are slightly smaller than the average size and are great if the regular size sometimes slips off.

Magnum Size

picture of The Kimono MicroThin Large condoms

If average condoms leave him feeling constricted...these condoms are larger sized in both width and length.

The Kimono MicroThin Large and Trojan Magnum Thin are the largest latex condoms manufactured.

Condoms that are too small break more often...a critical reason to watch the condom sizing.

The Kimono are a bit thinner than the Trojan.

Condoms for Sex Toys

If you are looking for condoms to use on sex toys...the least expensive should be fine since you don't have to worry about fit or comfort.

You can find a larger selection of condoms online than at your local drugstore. Shopping is discreet...and sites such as Amazon. Be sure to always keep a supply on hand.

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