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Secrets to the Sexiest Bras

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Finding the right bra can be like finding the right man...frustrating, time-consuming, and confusing.

Wearing sexy lingerie is essential to looking good...and feeling sexy... all the time. You already know how a lacy demi-cup can make you feel sexier than a practical molded cup for everyday wear.

A study showed that most men prefer black lingerie. Most men especially dislike safe and usable nude colored lingerie. A black bra looks hot under a white you really have no need for white and nude colored bras.

The secret to flattering your figure and enjoying blissful comfort is the fit. Seriously...the right fit is everything. You owe it to yourself to have a professional bra fitting. Many large department stores offer that service free.

The right bra in the right size makes the most of your breasts by giving them better shape and support.

The right bra can be almost as effective as breast surgery. The wrong one can be an unflattering disaster.

The secret to a flattering and comfortable fit is to get the correct band and cup well as a style that suits your shape.

5 Major Bra Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1. Straps Dig Into the Shoulders

photo of straps digging into shoulders

1. Straps Digging Into Shoulders

The band isn't doing its job if your shoulder straps are digging in to your shoulders. The straps should NOT be holding up your breasts.

The weight of your breasts should be lifted from the band...not hanging from your shoulders. Try going down to a smaller band size for more support.

The strap does not support the don't try to tighten the strap to lift your breasts.

Your straps need to be tightened just to the point that they comfortably lie smoothly and don't slide off your shoulders. The straps should be tight enough to stay in place...without digging in to your shoulders.

Most women have one breast slightly higher than the don't just adjust your straps to exactly the same length. Just adjust your straps so your breasts look even.

Mistake #2. Wires Protrude from the Rib Cage

photo of bra underwires protruding from the rib cage

2. Wires Protruding from Rib Cage

The band of your bra...including the the source of support. Your breasts will look much perkier with a properly fitting band.

The band should lie flat against your rib cage...with barely room for a finger underneath. If the band gaps away from your chest...the band size is too big.

The underwire should lie flat against your rib cage...the breastbone down the vertical center of your chest. It should not poke forward.

Cups that are too large have underwires that are too wide for your torso. The wire will poke up because it simply has nowhere else to go. If your cups are wrinkled or you have extra space in the cup your cup size is probably too large.

If your cup size is too small...then it is impossible for the underwire to lie flat against your chest. Instead...the wire sits on top of your breast tissue.

It may be the style of bra and the shape of the underwire on a style is just not right for you. For some body is almost impossible to find an underwire that will be perfectly flat and may have to settle a wire that is a just a little bit away from the body.

Very round, full breasts that are close together may need full coverage cups. The underwires will not have enough room between the cups to lie flat.

Breast implants tend to be further apart than natural breasts, so women with implants may want to find a style that has a more rounded cup. Augmented breasts tend to be rounder than natural breasts...and can "look like" a smaller cup size than is actually needed.

Mistake #3. Breast Tissue Bulges Over the Cups

photo of breast tissue bulging out over the cups

3. Breast Tissue Bulging Over Cups

If your breasts are bulging out from the top of your bra making you look like you have four breasts...then the cup is too small.

This muffin top effect can even show under your shirts.

Not everyone fits in the B, C and D cups that you find in department don't be surprised if your cup size is larger than you thought.

There are great styles available online in larger sizes. Don't miss the best online Parisian lingerie boutiques here.

Mistake #4. Band Riding up in the Back

photo of a band riding up in the back

4. Band Riding Up in Back

Make sure your band is snug and lies in a straight line across your back. Adjusting your straps too tightly will also cause the band to ride up in the back.

Over time...the elastic in a band can weaken and stretch out. When a bra is new...the band should fit properly on the largest hook. As it ages you need to use the tighter hooks. If your bra is too loose on the tightest is time to replace it.

Extend the life of your bras by using the hand-wash setting on your washing machine...and never put one in the dryer.

Mistake #5. Breast Tissue Falls Out from
Under the Band

photo of breast tissue falling out from under a band

5. Breast Tissue Falling Out From Under the Band

The band...including the source of support. Your breasts will look much perkier with a properly fitting band.

Most women buy the wrong size bra...too large a band size and too small a cup size.

Be sure to check the fit when you lift your arms. Your breasts should not fall out from underneath your underwire when you lift your arms.

In order for the best support for your breasts the band needs to fit snugly.

You should be able to slide one finger under the band between your breasts.

If you can fit two fingers or more under the band, it is too loose.

A tighter band will give you more support.

The size of the cup varies depending on the band size. For example, a 36D and a 34D do NOT have the same amount of space in the cup.

For example: a 34B and a 32C have about the same cup "volume" but the 32C will give better support and lift. The 34B also has a much wider cup width than the 32C and doesn't give you as much cleavage.

If you go down to a smaller band will also have to go up in the cup size. For example...if you are wearing a 34B and you are falling out of the bottom of the cup...try a 32C.

Proper cup width can actually make your breasts look bigger because it pulls them in front of your torso where they should be.

Try on a smaller band size and larger cup size. For example, if you have been wearing a 34B...try a 32C. And try that size in several brands and styles before you decide.

The Dreaded "Back Fat"

photo of a narrow bra back

A narrow band causes
back fat.

back of a black bra with a wider band

A wider band helps avoid fat bulging in the back.

Many women wear a larger band size than they should because they think a looser band will be more comfortable or prevent "back fat".

A wider band and a band that fits properly will cause less "back fat" than one with a thinner band that is too loosely fitting to give you proper support. Also, a band that is too loose can cause skin irritation from rubbing.

"Back fat" is NOT sexy cleavage. To prevent "back fat" spilling over the sides and back of the band...try one with a wider back band. Try a band with three hooks instead of one or two.


Replace a bra when the band stretches out and loses its support. Even the best fitting one will stop being flattering and will not provide the best support when it has been worn too long.

It can be hard to find a good selection of smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes. You can find a great selection of smaller band sizes...32 and even 30 and I like to shop online for seduction lingerie at places like and

Order two 34B and 32C...try them on...and send one back. Bare Necessities and Designer Intimates have always been great with me about accepting returns without question.

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