Bikini Wax DIY Secrets

What Do Men Really Like in
The Bikini Zone?

photo of the bikini zone of a woman

Most men prefer a
cleaned up bikini zone.

Why should you want to try a Brazilian bikini wax?

Most men are influenced by the naked pictures they see in magazines and pornography and prefer a cleaned up bikini zone. Over 75 percent of men say that they would like their woman to shave off her pubic hair.

Some women are afraid that a man who expresses an interest in a shaven pubic area has a secret desire for underage girls...but the opposite is true. It is the sight of a fully mature vulva...completely hairless...with nothing hidden...that most men find so arousing.

A man likes this because it shows him that you want to arouse him. And it openly displays that part of the female anatomy that really arouses him.

Men prefer giving oral sex to a woman without hair on her vaginal lips. No one enjoys a mouth full of hair, and pubic hair between the teeth is just "ick".

photo of a black bikini bottom

A Brazilian bikini wax can enhance your sex life.

For you...there is nothing like the sensation of a man's mouth against cleanly waxed skin. There is nothing between his mouth and the most sensitive part of you. Be prepared for heaven...because it really is incredibly different...incredibly arousing... incredibly sensuous.

You may find yourself reaching orgasm faster than ever before...and you may find the he wants to give you oral sex more...and more...and more...

And the less hair...the less smell. That is why we remove hair from our underarms. You will also appreciate less hair in your bikini region during your period.

Be brave and adventurous and try a Brazilian bikini wax. Your man will be wildly aroused at the sight of you really naked...and you will enjoy the clean feeling of it. Not to don't have to worry about little hairs poking out from your bikini bottom.

Why DIY Bikini Waxing?

photo of the tan lines of from the bikini bottom of a woman

DIY bikini waxing can save you money.

Why would anyone want to do their own waxing at home when they could have it done at a luxurious salon by a professional?

I must admit...I enjoy having waxing done at a salon. Yes...I actually enjoy the pampering...the atmosphere...the rose petals... and I don't find it painful.

I also like not having to make appointments and drive to and from the salon. If you are shy...which I am is also more private to do it yourself.

For really is about the money. I save almost $2000 a year by doing my own Brazilian bikini wax and other waxing.

Waxing lasts from three to six weeks...weeks of freedom from daily shaving...whether done in a salon or at home.

You can also learn to do your own Brazilian bikini wax in the privacy of your own your convenience...and start saving money today.

Check out Waxing Like a Pro for...
photo of a wax to use in delicate skin areas

Using the right products makes all the difference in your results.

  • The essential products you need to do a professional job easily at home.
  • Easy step-by-step procedures for bikini waxing, leg waxing, underarm waxing and upper lip waxing.
  • How to keep the wax from bonding to your skin for a less painful treatment.
  • 5 bikini wax styles.

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