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February 03, 2016

Top 10 Valentine Gifts for Men

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Men are notoriously tough to shop for. Here are the top 10 no-fail Valentine gifts for men that your man will love...and love you for.

1. Domain Name ($10)

Buy him his domain name. See if his name is available at Register him with a company like...

  • Register a domain as low as $3.98.
  • Register a domain as low as $4.45, including free basic hosting.

2. Pool at the Pub ($25)

Buy the drinks at a local pub. You will score extra points if you pick a place you can shoot pool. Include cab fare.

3. Dinner at Home for Two ($20)

Try: Roasted Lemon Chicken de Provence With Fingerling Potatoes. Amaze yourself...and your man.

4. Tickets to See a Local Band ($20-$30)

Support some local artists as you enjoy a favorite band...or discover a new one.

5. Massage Candle ($10)

Enjoy the atmosphere created by these vanilla and mint-scented candles. Then blow out the flame and use the melted wax to give him a sensual massage.


Nuru Massage Gel ($25)

Discover the erotic details of how to deliver a full body massage with this sensual massage gel.

Include a coupon with each gift that says: "This entitles you to one erotic massage."

6. Private Screening...Porn Night ($30-$55)

Sexy Films for Savvy Women has a list of recommended films and sources to get you started.

Settle in for a private screening with your man. Add a toy like the Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet Mini Vibe ($25) or the Raging Bull Cock Ring ($22).

7. A Panty Gram ($25)

photo of a pantygram

Send him a message that Is way more memorable than a drugstore greeting card...a Panty Gram.

He'll receive a lacy red thong with a flirty...personalized message from "his secret admirer" that directs him to the Panty Gram web site.

Once he logs in...he'll read whatever naughty message you left for him. And you'll get an email heads up that he got your you can take things from there.

The best Valentine gifts for men can be the ones that give you an added a new pair of panties.

But DON'T get him one of the worst Valentine gifts for men...

"Cute" underwear. The equivalent of a fruitcake for Christmas. Good taste is sexy. Kitschy is not sexy.

If he wouldn't buy it for himself...there is probably a good reason.

If you must buy underwear...

8. Make his Fantasies Come True ($50)

Surprise him with a Victoria's Secret gift card and catalogue and a note that says: "You pick...I wear."

Selfish? Not really...

9. Sexy Soundtrack

Give him a mix tape with every song you've ever danced to...or enjoyed during sex. The 20 Hottest Songs to Have Sex To...Songs in the Key of Sex...Appendix 4 in A Valentine's Day He Will Love...And Love You For will get you started.

10. Boudoir Photo Shoot ($200+...or ask a girlfriend)

photo of a boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir photos are sexy...but tasteful. Research poses on the internet before you get an idea of what you want, especially if you have a girlfriend doing the photo work for you.

Have fun with your props. you like will work for this ultimate game of dress-up.

One of the best Valentine gifts for men lets him participate in the fun.

Wrap the latest copy of Playboy and attach a card saying: "Please Study." Leave it for your man to find.

Next time you see him say: "I hope you learned something from studying your magazine. I've always wanted to be a centerfold...but I just could never be comfortable with another photographer." And hand him the camera.

Lead him to your "studio" where you've laid out your selection of seductive clothing.

Try to duplicate some of the professional shots in the magazine. This is the time to indulge your most intoxicating daydreams. So tantalize him ...touch yourself for the camera. Sex up your attitude and unleash your inner sex goddess.

Finally at long last...the fantasy he's treasured since adolescence is becoming reality. He is making love to a centerfold...and one with no staples!

photo of sexy red heart panties

A favorite of all Valentine gifts for men...give your man a lap dance and strip tease while wearing your sexiest red lingerie.

NEXT WEEK: Don't miss Thrill Him with a "Sexty" Valentine's Day.

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Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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