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Secrets to Talking Dirty without Being Sleazy
April 27, 2016

Secrets to Talking Dirty
Without Being Sleazy

Everything You Always Wanted to Know to Talk Dirty During Sex

Magna cum loudly! Talk dirty during sex to steam up your erotic encounter with your man.

photo of a woman whispering in a man's ear

Background music isn't the only sound you can use to enhance sex.

Your voice is a powerful instrument for seduction. Depending on what you say and how you say it...your voice can carry a potent message about your sexuality...and pack an erotic punch that leaves your man speechless.

Harness the erotic power of explicit language to express your desires and pleasure. Use words...sounds...and sensual movement to convey your enjoyment as you talk dirty during sex.

Most men are turned on by a nice girl who is naughty in the bedroom.

Show your sexual confidence as you talk dirty during sex.

Let your man know you are as enthusiastic about sex as he is as you talk dirty to him during sex.

Men have been conditioned to hear dirty language by adult films. Your man will be even more turned on by you as you talk dirty during sex.

Watch a sexy video and listen for not only what the women say but how they say it. Porn stars are vocal. Pay attention to the panting...heavy breathing...and moaning.

Ease Into Talking Dirty with
Texting to Sext Him Up

Wireless technology allows us to text things that we may not feel as comfortable saying in person. If you are feeling too shy to talk dirty during sex...try sending him a sexy text.

Explore more sexy things to say in... Texting to Sext Him Up.

Unleash your inner sext goddess with the touch of a keypad.

Talk Dirty During Sex Without Feeling Shy

Do you feel too shy to be an untamed tongue temptress? No need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

When you make sounds as you talk dirty during lets your man know that he is pleasing you.

If you have been quiet during sex...start adding your dirty dialogue slowly. When you feel a moan coming on...resist your urge to stifle yourself and just let it out.

Let him know how much you like what he is doing. Moan...sigh...move... gasp. Whisper: "yes...Yes...YES... OH... GOD...YEESSS!

photo of a woman's sexy parted lips

As you become more comfortable being audible... you won't worry so much about what you sound like during an intense orgasm.

Your man loves loud carnal communication that tells him he's incredible in bed.

Release your inner bad girl as you bring some dirty dialogue to sex.

Explicit or suggestive language shows that you're comfortable with your sexual power. So verbally amp up his sex drive by sneaking some saucy words into your vocabulary during sex.

See Chapter 2 of Say it Sexy for the top 6 vocabulary words you need to use to talk dirty during sex

What Your Man Needs Most...
From Your Mouth to His Ego

The language that will really float your man's sexual boat is...passionate praising of his sexual performance!

Men never tire of hearing about their sizzling sex skills.

Boost your man's ego...especially during sex. He wants to know that he turns you on.

More than anything...a man desires the feeling of being desired... that you want him.

photo of a man in bed reaching forward with his hand

Fuel his desire by physically hinting at the action to come. Before he has even starts to touch you... whisper to your man..."You make me so hot."

That lets him know you want him...without sounding desperate.

Men still evaluate themselves based on their skills as a provider and lover. Being a great lover is a prime source of pride for a man.

Your man can feel anxious about his sexual he really wants to hear from you that you had a good time in bed with him.

Make your man feel like a porn star. When you mention his moves that drive you strokes his ego and makes him feel virile.

Phrases like...

  • "I love that!"
  • "Oh, my God!"
  • and the clear and concise..."Yes, yes, yes!" so well because they let your man know without question that he's turning you on.

The more you express your pleasure...the more you make your man feel like the stud of the universe.

The Sexiest Thing of All to Say

Be sure to say the sexiest thing of all...his name. Whisper it in his ear. Moan his name over and over as he gives you pleasure during sex.

photo of a woman whispering in a shirtless man's ear

Pet names may feel affectionate...but they still don't compare to the electrifying rush your man gets when his name crosses your lips.

Utter the one word that drives him nuts...just hearing it is an aphrodisiac. It ratchets up his desire because the message you send is..."It's you I'm thinking about and no one else." And your man needs to hear's tied to his primal urge to beat out all the competition.

Words to Cheat Proof a Relationship

Give your man the reassurance he is yearning for.

The simple...but effective...phrase: "You're so hot!" could keep your man from straying.

In a long-term relationship... if you want to keep passion alive... keep those sexy compliments coming.

And don't forget the sexiest thing to say when you see your man naked... "I want you so bad!"

Here is a small sample script from Chapter 8 of

Say it Sexy...71 Sexy Things to Say to a Man:

Promise Him the Best Time He's Ever Had...

  • "You won't forget tonight."

  • "I'm going to make your knees buckle" you are pulling his pants off.

  • "That's just a sample of what you'll get later."

  • "If you don't give it to me good tonight...I'm going to use my vibrator without you."

  • "How bad do you want it?"

  • "What would you like to try tonight?"

  • "Uh-huh..just like that. I want to feel you. Oh yeah...that's so nice You feel so good."

Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere!

There are many more of my best secrets in your Say it Sexy Complete Multimedia Course. You'll also get step-by-step solutions to those complicated situations that can turn into verbal landmines. And imagine how helpful you will find the specific scripts to help you know what to say and NOT to say!

You'll never again hesitate to talk dirty sex.

With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more intense satisfaction and fun than you ever imagined.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

P.S. Do you want to know how to keep your man...and keep him really happy? All my very best secrets on how to do that are here...Secrets to Keep Him.

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