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Sexy Way to Cool Off
June 08, 2016

Sexy Way to Cool Off

photo of an ice cube melting on bare skin

Looking for a hot idea on a hot night? How about a blowjob with a sexy twist? You can use a contrast between hot and cold to prolong and increase arousal.

Glide an ice cube down your man's back...between his thighs and around his navel.

Suck on a piece of ice and let little droplets trickle onto his body.

Once your mouth is chilled...trace your tongue around his lips and then move in for a kiss.

Then switch and have him hold an ice chip between his teeth and use it to softly trace the curves of your body.

Don't won't take long to melt…and neither will you.

photo of a woman with and ice cube 
in her mouth

Temperature contrasts are more effective in the earlier stages of sucking during a blowjob...before you get an orgasm-inducing rhythm going.

Because his body is burning up and your mouth is refreshingly cold... your kisses will send shock waves through him.

Use an ice cube to draw all over the area around his belly...and all over the area around his penis and balls.

Alternate putting your lips over his penis and lightly rubbing his shaft with an ice cube. The combination of your warm mouth and chilly temperature keeps him guessing as to what's coming next in a blowjob.

Be careful not to use ice directly from the freezer. It will stick to any moist surface. But normal ice...on the verge of melting...leaves deliciously cool damp trails across the skin. Test the ice on your tongue before you begin.

In warm water have a waterproof vibrator...such as the Purring Thrusting Panther heated. Follow up the path you made with the ice cube with the warm vibe.

Switch it up a bit. Do something like This way he won't know which one to expect.

Warm one hand on him…and put your other hand on a glass of ice water or on an ice cube. Rub your cooled hand against him. Don't worry…once he's hard...a little cold won't kill his erection.

Let your man watch you suggestively suck on a popsicle. Then apply your freshly chilled mouth to his penis for a sweet sensation.

Take a spoon of ice cream into your mouth. Take him into your mouth. You can really get your moan on with a mouthful of Chunky Monkey.

photo of a bowl of frozen grapes

Freeze some grapes in a Ziploc bag. Begin giving him a blow job with a few frozen grapes in your mouth. The temperature and sensation produced by the grapes while you're giving him oral sex is incredible.

Frozen grapes are also delicious to you'll have to resist the urge to chew while going down on him.

Explore the erotic potential of your kitchen for more ways to spice up a blowjob.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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