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Sexy Gifts for Men
December 02, 2015

Sexy Gifts for Men

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Men are notoriously tough to shop for. Here are some no-fail Christmas gifts your man will love...and love you for.

What you give him reflects how you see him and your relationship. So you want to get something thoughtful...creative...and appropriate...for the amount of time you've been together.

If you Just Started Dating...

Flashes of Desire

photo of a strobe light

One of the top gifts to give your man...and enjoy yourself...costs about $20. A strobe light is unique and unusual...and can be the centerpiece of a wildly original Christmas party.

WARNING: If fast flashing lights give you or your man headaches or seizures...skip this Christmas gift idea.

photo of a woman in black lingerie

Get a strobe light ($20 delivered from Amazon) of those bright, rapidly flashing lamps used in dance clubs.

Set it up at home in a room that can be made completely dark...preferably the living room.

Wear sexy black lace lingerie under something that can be easily opened and removed.

Put on some music that makes you want to dance...and turn it up loud.

Here are a few songs that throb well with the get you started:

  1. Angel...Massive Attack
  2. Drown...Vibrolux
  3. Kiss You All Over...Exile
  4. Never Say Never...Romeo Void
  5. Ooh La La...Goldfrapp
  6. Start Me Up...The Rolling Stones
  7. Wanna Feel It...Vibrolux
  8. Spread Your Love...Vibrolux

Turn off the lights and activate your strobe.

picture of a blue perspective abstract

The effect is startling. Immediately the room takes on a whole new cast. It seems somehow wilder and more mysterious. The lightening quick strobe creates more arc than every twist of your body...every toss of your hair seems frozen in time.

He's entered an unreal world of erotic snapshots. One sexually charged image flashes by after's a wet dream come to life.

It is easy to see why this will sear itself into your man's mind as one of his top ten Christmas gifts.

It's suddenly harder for him to think...and harder to resist his more basic instincts. Now push him back on the couch...and rip your blouse open. Kiss him as you squeeze your lacy bra into his face.

Ride the waves of the music as you give it to him hard. Your aggressive sensuality will be amplified by his.

By now he may have entered a different state of consciousness...he might actually be hypnotized.

With the pulsing light and throbbing music...intercourse could be brief...but it will be extremely intense.

picture of 2 tickets

Tickets to See a Local Band ($20-$30)

Support some local artists as you enjoy a favorite band...or discover a new one.

photo of a massage candle

If he's Your Brand-New Boyfriend...

Massage Candle ($10)

Enjoy the atmosphere created by these vanilla and mint-scented candles. Then blow out the flame and use the melted wax to give him a sensual massage.


photo of Numa massage gel

Nuru Massage Gel ($25)

Discover the erotic details of how to deliver a full body massage with this sensual massage gel.

Include a coupon (pdf) with each Christmas gift that says: "This entitles you to one erotic massage."

7-11 Months into a Relationship...

Okay, things are starting to get serious...even if he's yet to admit it. You will probably be spending around $75.

Private Screening...Porn Night ($30-$55)

picture of an adult film cover

Sexy Videos for Smart Women has a list of recommended films and sources to get you started.

Settle in for a private screening with your man. Add a toy like the Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet Mini Vibe ($25) or the Raging Bull Cock Ring ($22).

A Panty Gram ($25)

photo of a pantygram

Send him a message that is way more memorable than a drugstore greeting card...a Panty Gram.

He'll receive a lacy red thong with a flirty...personalized message from "his secret admirer" that directs him to the Panty Gram web site.

Once he logs in...he'll read whatever naughty message you left for him. And you'll get an email heads up that he got your Christmas you can take things from there.

The best Christmas gifts for men can be the ones that give you an added a new pair of panties out of the deal.

If you've Been a Couple for a While...

picture of a women in sexy fantasy lingerie

Make his Fantasies Come True ($50)

Surprise him with a Victoria's Secret gift card and catalogue and a note that says: "You pick...I wear."

Selfish? Not really.

Board Games Don't Have to be Bored Games

Board games aren't bored games if you play them right... And there are no losers in this game from chapter 4 in Sexy Scenarios... Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities.

Strip Scrabble

Play Scrabble ($19 at Walmart)...but make it naughty words only.

Spell out a special message on his dresser with scrabble tiles... "I wanna f..k you". That will get him in the mood.

You each get two tile holders and 14 tiles.

The object is to spell out words relating to sex...legitimate or slang...nasty or not. You can use a Dirty Slang Dictionary as your authority.

If he makes a word on his will take off an article of clothing...and he gets another turn.

If he can't make a clothing is removed...but he gets to trade in some or all of his letters. Then it is your turn.

The loser has to give the winner 15 minutes of their choice of any erotic act.

Come prepared to cheat. Layer up...

  • A lacy teddy over a sheer bra and panties,
  • Stockings and garter belt.
  • Slinky slip under a flowing skirt and blouse.
  • High heels.
  • Lots of jewelry.

The loser is presumably the one who bares all first. But you are a gracious winner...use your 15 minutes to give him a blowjob or an erotic massage.

For many more Christmas gift giving ideas...see Gifts He Will Love...And Love You For.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

P.S. Do you want to know how to keep your man...and keep him really happy? All my very best secrets on how to do that are here...Secrets to Keep Him.

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