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Sexual Confidence Secrets
May 11, 2016

Sexual Confidence Secrets

photo of a woman with an intensely confident look

When you give the ultimate blowjob...your confidence will explode.

It is your attitude that will really have your man thinking: "Wow, she really knows what she's doing!"

When you are giving your man the ultimate are in a very powerful position because you control his pleasure. And you don't even have to get naked!

Confidence is sexy and attractive.

If you act unsure of yourself...he will have to help you out...and that's not sexy.

When he's alone...all he has is his hand. You're the real thing...and you are incredible. Revel in that. Your mouth...body...and voice...are a lot more arousing than his hand.

You know he loves it when you put your mouth on his genitals. Just avoid the big using your teeth...or gagging...and you will soon be giving the ultimate blowjob.

If he doesn't think you're into it...he will have a hard time fully enjoying himself. Suck him with the attitude: "Mmm... I just love sucking this beautiful cock" rather than: "Oh...not smells funny".

Genitals are like any other body part...and if you feel comfortable kissing your man's can feel comfortable kissing his genitals. Clear your mind of distractions and focus on hot, sexy thoughts.

Relax and Enjoy

photo of a woman in bra and panties 
with a glass of wine

Relax and enjoy yourself when you are giving the ultimate blowjob. Nervous giggling or chattering isn't sexy.

Try a glass of wine to help you relax and loosen up so you can focus on being sexy and confident. But don't drink too much and get drunk. Sloppy drunk is just a turnoff...and you won't be able to focus on what you are doing.

Laugh off any embarrassments. Great sex is noisy and sweaty. If you've never done anything in bed that's caused you the slightest bit of have been too inhibited.

Fake It Till You Make It

And if you don't enjoy giving fellatio...fake it till you make it. When you feel confident in your oral sex will naturally enjoy it more yourself. Enjoy what your man gets out of it and be turned on by his pleasure.

Right before you start giving your man a blowjob say... "This is as much for me as for you."

Let him know you like it by softly moaning as you take him into your mouth. Flash a naughty glance at him occasionally.

Talk Sexy to Him

photo of a woman whispering in a man's ear

Use some dialogue and sound effects to give the ultimate blowjob. Silence is a turn off.

Don't be afraid to make some happy noise while you're giving him oral sex.
Let him hear your "oohhs" and "aahhs". The sound of your arousal is a huge turn on for him.

Make sexy porn star faces. Bite your lower lip a little to show him how turned on you are.

Show enthusiasm to give the ultimate blowjob. It will thrill him to see you enjoying your body and enjoying sex...the way he enjoys your body.

Let him know how much you want him by whispering: "Just relax and enjoy yourself. I can't wait to have you in my mouth. I'm going to be so naughty." Tell him what you plan on doing to him later. Say: "I am so turned on thinking about...."

Look up into his eyes while you are pleasuring him and give him a naughty grin. Whisper some of the words he longs to hear. Don't miss... Dirty Talk Tips from Say it Sexy for more arousing things to say...including specific scripts to get you started.

And be sure to say the sexiest thing of all...his name.

Whisper it in his ear. Say it frequently and passionately.

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Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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