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What is the Sexiest Lingerie?
July 15, 2015

What is the Sexiest Lingerie?

photo of the back of sexy lingerie

Mystery is sexy. And nothing is more mysterious than the unknown. Sexy lingerie can be as arousing...or even more being nude...because it builds anticipation as it paints a mysterious picture.

Any man will tell you the best lingerie is the kind you can leave on for him to enjoy looking at during sex.

Your man loves to see you in sexy underthings...sometimes even more than seeing you naked.

One of the ways you can really show off your sexuality is to be a tarty tease. Don't just give your man a piece of eye yourself in a sexy new erotic light.

Buy beautiful underthings for every day. You can shop Parisian lingerie boutiques online.

And treat yourself to a few things that are over the top sexy for special nights when you really want to blow your man's mind. Have a few pieces that make your stomach flutter with excitement at the idea of wearing them.

Every piece of sexy lingerie has the potential to transform you... both in your mind and in your man's eyes. Wearing something sexy helps you lose your inhibitions and get in the moment...and they give your man a visual turn-on and inspiration.

Sexy Surprise Scenario

photo of a sexy bra and panties

Every once in a deserve to indulge yourself in some sexy shopping.

As you try items on...concentrate also on how different pieces make you well as how they look and fit. Discover the secrets to the sexiest panties. Think of how easy it would be to seduce him while wearing it.

Choose a few items to bring home that make you feel amazing. Give your man a fashion show that will make his jaw drop. Indulge in some saucy poses that makes him even more appreciative of what you've got. At the end of your fashion show...let his reactions help you decide what to purchase.

Later can surprise your man at the door wearing nothing but your new sexy lingerie. This one-time splurge will be well worth it.

For all the details on giving a really hot strip tease...check out Lap Dance and Strip Tease...Insider's Guide to Becoming a Man's Ultimate Fantasy.

A study showed that most men prefer black bras and thongs. Most men especially dislike safe and practical nude colored underwear. A black bra looks hot under a white you really have no need for white and nude colored bras. Discover the secrets to the sexiest bra.

Sexy Stilettos

photo of sexy black stiletto pumps

Stilettos are a hot touch when you model your sexy lingerie. Never underestimate the power of stilettos. Come to bed wearing nothing but sky-high stilettos. Your man will never forget it.

But be careful...they hurt when your man cops one in the leg...or balls.

Remote Lap Dance

  • Secretly steal the remote while your man is watching television.
  • Change into an incredibly sexy bra and panties.
  • Sneak back into the room behind him and turn off the TV.
  • When he turns around...give him a sensual show ending in a lap dance.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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