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Sexiest Halloween Costumes Part One
October 14, 2015

Sexiest Halloween Costumes Part One

The sexiest Halloween costumes give you a chance to be who you have fantasized about being...who you have always been too afraid or inhibited to be.

picture of a sexy 
woman wearing a purple corset and black lace gloves

A costume will help you to slide into your fantasy role. Savor this chance to escape from your everyday life.

Sexy outfits help you lose your inhibitions and get in the moment. Not to mention they give your man a visual turn-on and inspiration.

Consider Halloween as a warm up for some sexy role playing later. Don't stop at giving your man a piece of eye candy. Show yourself in a whole new erotic light.

Scintillating Seductions... Costumes to Tease and Please

picture of a sexy woman in black lace gloves and a black mask

If you are short on time or money...there are some great costumes that you can put together with clothes and accessories that are most likely already in your closet.

You can spice up your outfits with finds from your local thrift shop. Or many costumes can be ordered from for around $25.

Here are some ideas to get you started enjoying some sexy costumed fun. Slip into a tantalizing costume and start steaming up the night.

The Top 3 Rules for Choosing a Sexy Costume

1Is this costume a little bit naughty...deliciously hot...and a lot sexy? Would your man want to have sex with you in this costume? Does this costume make you want to have sex? Your man will find your bad-girl efforts incredibly exciting.

2Is this costume something you will enjoy wearing for some fantasy role playing after Halloween? Give your man his fantasy. Give yourself your fantasy. You can play out all the passionate possibilities as you try some fantasy role-playing fun at home later.

picture of a sexy woman wearing fishnet stockings and a hot belt

3Is this costume character different from your daily persona...a character you will enjoy becoming?

Be adventurous and unleash your inner femme fatale. When pretending to be a can unleash parts of your personality that you don't normally explore.

Next week...Halloween Costumes for Sexy Fun Part 2 including your FREE fully illustrated PDF download for the Top Ten Sexiest Halloween Costumes.

And don't miss these sexy secrets for more passionate fun.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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