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Sex Toys for Multiple Orgasms
August 19, 2015

Sex Toys for Multiple Orgasms

For another level of pleasure...try using two different sex toys at the same time.

For the most stimulation possible...of both your clitoris and well as a "little something extra"...try this...

photo of a woman's face during orgasm

Insert a well lubricated Purring Thrusting Panther into your vagina. If you haven't already...experiment to find which of the 9 thrusting settings you prefer.

Decide which of the combinations of vibration and clitoral stimulation settings you like from the smaller vibrator that branches out...the "panther".

And for a unique experience...try the Purring Thrusting Panther upside down...with the clitoral stimulator on the bottom stimulating your labia on the side near your anus.

Now...use a hard plastic plug-in vibrator on the lower setting on your clitoris. The higher setting may numb you too quickly.

If you find using two toys a bit can prop yourself against a pillow for additional "hands-off" support.

Be ready for the time of your life...and then...repeat. You can enjoy multiple screaming orgasms this way. Experiment with your toys...and combinations of toys...for more variety and fun.

Are you ready for some unrestrained moaning?

Clean Up Your Toys

Keeping your toys clean is important to avoid bacterial infections. To avoid a vaginal infection...your sex toys should always be cleaned after each use.

If you're sharing your vibrator with another's also possible to spread STDs with an unclean toy.

The easiest way to keep a sex toy clean is to cover it with a condom before inserting it. If you're sharing your toy...or using it both vaginally and anally...put a condom on it to minimize the risk of transmitting infections.

Silicone vibrators are virtually non-porous. This means the surface is there are no small places for bacteria to hide. It also makes silicone easy to clean.

Wash your toys thoroughly with an unscented dish detergent and water after each use. Refer to your product's manual for more specific cleaning instructions.

4 Ways to Trigger a Blended Orgasm

Stimulate your clitoris and G spot at the same time to experience a doubly intense "blended" explosive, pulsing kind of orgasm.

In the beginning you may find it easiest to bring yourself to a G spot or blended orgasm through self-pleasuring. Then move on to experiencing a G spot or blended orgasm through oral sex and intercourse.

For example...

drawing of a hand making the come hither gesture

  • While he's giving you oral sex...ask him to insert two fingers and do the "come hither" G spot move.
  • Rub your clitoris against his body in a rocking motion while he is thrusting against your G spot.
  • Have your man caress your clitoris with his fingers while he's massaging your G spot with one or two fingers from his other hand.
  • Have him flick your clitoris with his tongue while he's manually manipulating your G spot.

Fellatio to Blow His Mind...Oral Super Sex

After exploring with your sex toys on yourself...hand him the vibe.

Place your hand over his and demonstrate your favorite moves.

Get more secrets you need to know about sex toys...blowjobs...handjobs...and much, much more. now.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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