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Missionary Position with a Twist
January 20, 2016

Missionary Position with a Twist

Missionary position is basic vanilla sex...but vanilla is delicious. Your man gets to take complete control and show off like a stud while you lie back...relax...and get your moan going.

photo of the back of a man lying on a woman

You'll have...

  • An excellent view of your man in action.
  • Eye contact.
  • Kissing.
  • Touching.

An Easier Way to Orgasm with an Old Favorite

Because missionary puts you in a more passive role...that doesn't mean you need to just lie there. Stimulate your clitoris by grinding against his pelvic bone while he is inside you.

If he takes his weight off of your gives you room to grind your hips and leaves your hands free to stimulate yourself. Push up on his shoulders gently and tell him: "It feels even better when I can move under you."

Missionary position also give you access to your clitoris to use a vibrator to orgasm.

Enjoy the eye-candy. Squeeze his arm muscles once in a while. Then whisper a word of praise for his biceps. Sexy compliments will fuel his fire. Lift yourself up and kiss his chest...neck...lips.

Spicy Surprise

Don't just lie there in missionary position...
  • Trail your fingers slowly down his back.
  • When you get to his butt...give his butt cheeks a firm squeeze.
  • Pull him closer to you.
  • Give him a single hard swat on the behind.
  • He's perfectly positioned to watch you writhing in don't hold back with your facial expressions.

Pillowing Pleasure

diagram of Cat alignment missionary position

Use pillows during missionary for deeper penetration.

For a surefire G spot trigger...prop 2-4 pillows under your derriere during missionary. The more pillows you have propping you up...the easier it is for him to penetrate you...and at a higher and deeper angle than usual. Pillows under your pelvis let you grind against his pubic bone for clitoral stimulation.

And not only will your orgasms be even more intense...but there's even the potential for a simultaneous orgasm with your man.

Leverage It

photo of a man on top of a woman

Raise your legs during missionary for better leverage.

For greater leverage against your G spot...either put your...

  • Calves or ankles on his shoulders.
  • Feet on his chest.
  • Feet on his shoulders.

Spreading your legs gives you deeper penetration. Wrap your arms around his back or hold the back of your thighs. Or try shifting your leg position between spread wide apart and squeezed together.

If you don't feel flexible enough for can let him penetrate deeply by planting your feet on the bed. Use the leverage to push toward him each time he thrusts into you.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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