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Last Minute Gift Idea
December 16, 2015

Last Minute Gift Idea

photo of a woman undoing a black silk robe

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift for your man that you can both enjoy...this is sure to rank in your top ten.

"I can resist everything except temptation." ...Oscar Wilde

Sexy music always helps to heat things up. Je T'aime…Moi Non Plus by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg will help set the rhythm...and the mood...for this seductive sexcapade.

Visit a gourmet candy shop and pick out seven differently flavored cream-filled chocolates. Try favorites such as: Cherry cordial, coconut creme, lemon creme, orange creme, peppermint creme, raspberry creme and vanilla creme.

flavor legend for 7 chocolate flavors

Most quality chocolatiers are well supplied to handled last minute Christmas gifts. Gift wrap the selected chocolates with a card (pdf) that says: "For the most delicious seduction you have ever tasted."

You can download a PDF of the flavor legend here if you think you might need it during your flavorful adventure.

Stand before him wearing a silky sensuous robe. Open the sash so your robe falls open. He'll catch only a glimpse of your glorious flesh before you tie the sash over his eyes as a blindfold.

Your man's goal is to guess the flavor at the center of each luscious chocolate. Each time he's remove a piece of his clothing.

And even when he's wrong, he wins...because each sample has been skillfully applied to the most delicious parts of your body.

1. Cordial Cherry

photo of a woman with a cherry at her mouth

  • Smear the cherry filling over your lips and the tip of your tongue.
  • Give him little quick kisses around his mouth.
  • Slide your tongue from one corner of his lips to the other.
  • When he guesses the flavor...remove one of his shoes.

2. Coquettish Coconut

  • Apply the coconut filling on both sides of your perfume.
  • Kiss his eyelids as he sucks the flavor off.
  • When he guesses...remove his other shoe.

3. Lusty Lemon

photo of a man blindfolded

  • Dip your finger into the creamy lemon center and trace the outline of your lips.
  • Part his lips with your fingertip.
  • Wiggle your finger around his tongue.
  • When he guesses...remove one of his socks.

4. Orgasmic Orange

  • Put the orange cream in a line down the center of your breasts.
  • Lean your breasts over his face so he can lick at the sweetness.
  • When he guesses...remove the other sock.

5. Penetrating Peppermint

  • Put the peppermint cream fillilng on one of your nipples.
  • Touch your nipple to his cheek and slide it down to his lips.
  • When he guesses...remove his shirt.

6. Risqué Raspberry

  • Cover your other nipple with the raspberry filling.
  • Feed it to his eager mouth.
  • When he guesses...remove his pants.

7. Virgin Vanilla

  • Spread the sweet creamy vanilla center in a line from your naval down to your gates of heaven.
  • Let him lap it up.
  • When he guesses...remove the blindfold and let him have his prize.

Bon appetit! Last minute Christmas gifts can be the most delicious.

And after this may find yourself gifted with chocolate more often.

And don't miss these sexy secrets for another gift your man will love…the ultimate blowjob.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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