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Defeat the Top 10 Sex Busters
September 30, 2015

Defeat the Top 10 Sex Busters

Do you want to defeat your sexual challenges? Do you know really know how to orgasm... intensely...every time...multiple times?

Explore more in Super Sex 5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms. picture of 
Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms

Not getting enough sex? You're not's estimated that 40 million married Americans have are having it less than 10 times a year.

Regular sex is good for your health...and your relationship. Sexual pleasure is important to your emotional as well as your physical health. Sexual intimacy helps partners stay close.

The top 10 reasons for less than complete satisfaction in a relationship include...

1. You Don't Orgasm

photo of a frustrated woman
 in bed

You are not alone...70% of women can't experience orgasm from intercourse alone. Experiencing an orgasm is not as simple for women as it is for men.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

In the beginning it's best to bring yourself to a G-spot or blended orgasm manually. Then you can move on to cunnilingus and intercourse for orgasm.

Use your fingers or a vibrator for increased clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

For the most stimulation possible...of both your clitoris and well as a "little something extra"...try the Screaming Orgasm.

2. You Like Your Vibrator Better

A vibrator is simpler and more accessible than a cooperative penis…and there is no risk of rejection.

photo of Purring Thrusting Panther g-spot vibrator

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

If your vibrator gives you more satisfaction than intercourse with your partner…try using the vibrator together with your man.

Have you wondered how to orgasm as quickly as possible? The quickest way for you to have an orgasm is with a good vibrator.

Vibrators can be a great addition to your private exploration. Play with your toys to learn what turns you on and how you achieve an orgasm. Then you will be able to share with your man how to make it happen.

3. You Don't Like Your Body

Many women find themselves withdrawing or losing their libido if they're overweight or pregnant.

Emotionally... we have bought into the media's idealization of what is really beautiful and desirable. The message is that you have to look a certain way in order to have a really hot intimate life.

photo of a woman hiding her naked body

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Ask your man what he likes about your body...his compliments can help you feel more positive.

picture of Erotic Massage the 4 Hottest Ways to Heat Him Up

Don't underestimate the mental boost of shedding some pounds. We all know that losing weight makes us feel better. Even a five-pound weight loss can jump-start your libido.

Deliver some hot action to your man to rev up your confidence with an Erotic Massage.. This erotic massage is a great way to help you relax and get in the mood for even more pleasure to come.

4. You're Depressed...Sick...Tired

You may feel as though you have almost forgotten how to orgasm when you are depressed. When you're feeling depressed...your sex drive can take a dive. Depression can strain even the strongest of relationships.

Antidepressants may help you feel better ...but some affect your ability to have an orgasm.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

If you notice your libido takes a dive after you start a new medication...ask your doctor if they might be able to prescribe an alternative.

Exercise also helps depression. Exercise releases the bodies endorphins to enhance your mood and energy levels. Exercise improves your circulation...and that can also improve your libido.

Some women treated for low libido end up having an undiagnosed thyroid problem...which can also lead to exhaustion and depression.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

See your doctor for tests. Once a thyroid condition or anemia is diagnosed the symptoms can be treated.

If you're battling a chronic disease such as anemia or diabetes...try taking the focus off intercourse exclusively and explore other ways to add to your sensual pleasure.

To help you defeat your sexual challenges... Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms Complete Multimedia Course gives you a detailed step-by-step program with simple and effective techniques.

5. You Are Bored

photo of a bored woman 
in bed

After being with someone for a while things can start to get boring. You stop trying as hard. You start to reach for the remote and a pint of Ben & Jerry's rather than your man. Quite simply...the thrill is gone.

When things get stale it's time to take a walk on the wilder side. The thrills from adrenaline can make the heart grow fonder.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

When it comes to desire and attraction...a little unpredictability goes a long way. It spikes the brain's natural amphetamines...dopamine and norepinephrine...which play a big role in arousal.

You don't have to go bungee-jumping to shake things up with a jolt of adrenaline. But you do have to be creative and adventurous...both out of the bedroom and in.

6. Your Life is Too Busy

Have you struggled to orgasm in spite of all the chronic stresses of your busy life? Balancing all that you do each day can totally exhaust you and sap your energy and desire.

photo of a man and a woman in the bathtub

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Shift gears with a hot bath…plunging into the warm water takes you away from the laptops and cell phones. And try burning a scented candle. Ylang-ylang is thought to be an aphrodisiac. You might even invite your man to join you.

Your day is overscheduled and you just don't have time for intimacy.

Even if it seems need to manage to take time to give intimacy with your man the priority it deserves. You both deserve to give yourself 30 minutes a day for sexual pleasure...even if you have to schedule it...or enjoy it solo.

And there are always quickies to add a new level of excitement passionate...but You can learn how to orgasm even more frequently by being more spontaneous...and even a bit wild with Hot Sex In a Hurry...33 Places for a Quickie

7. Your Meds...or Your Hormones...Are Zapping Your Libido

Have you struggled to orgasm when you are taking medication? Medications that can stall your sex drive include...

  • Birth control pills.
  • Blood pressure reducers.
  • Anti-anxiety meds.
  • Acid reflux meds.
...and especially...antidepressants.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Ask your doctor about the possible side effects of all of your medications.

Hormonal shifts...especially decreasing estrogen...can kill your libido. PMS can kill your libido...or sometimes even ignite it.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Talk to your doctor about birth control pills or HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Lubricants can help if low estrogen is causing vaginal dryness. Use extra lubrication as needed to keep things wet and wild.

8. Your Man Is Just Not That Into It

Have you ever complained that you know how to orgasm...but your man isn't cooperative? You may actually be ready to go...but your man's engine seems stalled.

Don't verbally confront him immediately with: "What is going on?" If a man's sex life is not working... he feels like he's failed as a man.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Your man might may want you to be more adventurous.

A tantalizing Lap Dance and Strip Tease performance from you will get his engine started.

9. Your Man is Using Viagra

Viagra isn't just for older men...younger men are taking it too...sometimes just to enhance performance.

A man takes the medication and is ready to go...but an orgasm for a woman is not so simple. A woman needs more time to connect and get aroused.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Show and tell your man what you need in bed.

photo of Addyi the new female Viagra

When you know how to orgasm...use it to drive him wild. Take his hand and put it where you want it. Or demonstrate for him on yourself what you want him to do. Faking it...pointless. Showing him what you like...brilliant!

Is there a Viagra for women? Check out the new Viagra for women. Addyi is the first prescription drug designed to boost sexual desire in women.

10. Your Bedroom isn't Arousing

Your bed should only be used for sex and sleep.

Don't bring a third party...laptop...cell phone...or TV...into it. Today's always-connected technology can distract you from your partner and put a damper on your sex life.

After is harder for your man to initiate sex if your hands are glued to your laptop instead of exploring his glorious body.

Sex Rx to defeat this challenge...

Make your bedroom a no-technology zone. At the very least...set a technology time limit.

photo of a luxury hotel bed

Sleep experts also agree that you will sleep better if your bed isn't used for work.

Make a luxury hotel bed your own.

See how you can have a 5 star bed...easily and affordably.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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