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Sure Cure for Winter Doldrums Part 1
February 17, 2016

Sure Cure for Winter Doldrums Part 1

Would you like to beat the winter doldrums and add more pleasure to your life...tonight?

photo of a couple 
enjoying sharing a shower

Steam up your sex life while you steam up the bathroom mirror with a quickie in the shower. Get down and dirty while getting clean in the shower.

Your man will find your wet body to be a huge turn-on. And the mirror can make it pretty interesting too. Or...for a change of pace...take a steamy shower together at night...with the lights out.

And the feel of fresh-out-of-the-shower skin against cool, clean sheets...mmm...

Don't forget to clean your bathroom before you plan to use it. Neither one of you will find it arousing to try to have sex in a mildewed shower with hair in the drain.

For some fun...remove all the towels from the bathroom before he takes a shower. When he asks you to bring one in...bring him more than a towel...bring him some hot shower foreplay.

The running water will not wash away sexually transmitted diseases or prevent bring a condom in with you.

Water will wash away your natural or any water-based lube. Use lots of silicone lube for sex in the water so you aren't dry and sore afterward. And using lots of soap or shower gel on sensitive genital skin can be very irritating. The shower is a good place to store your silicone lube.

Slippery When Wet

Remove any razors before you start. Seriously... in the passion of the moment you may not notice one drop to the floor. And one of you may step on it.

Make sure that you have a non-slip mat on the bottom of the shower. Silicone lube and shower gel can be slippery. Falling and getting hurt will definitely ruin the mood.

Turn on the water in the shower beforehand and let it get it nice and warm. Position yourself so the water isn't spraying into your face.

Try some shower scrub gel like Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Body Scrub ($6.48 for 18 oz. at Walmart).

Try some special shower gel like Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub to give an erotic back rub.

A scrub will feel erotic and wonderful on your man’s back , while exfoliating your hands at the same time. Then you can lather up a bath sponge to lather him up and give him a sensual massage.

Explore your man's body like it is the first time you are seeing him naked. Sensuously caress him...kiss him...and lather him up.

Start with his arms...hands...and face. Then move gently to his neck...chest...and torso. Continue slowly to his balls and penis.

You can use a handheld showerhead to stimulate your man's genitals just by running the warm water over them.

A handheld showerhead is not only convenient...but it can be an erotic sex toy. Or, if your shower has weak water pressure... use the adjustable settings to boost the spray. A hand-held showerhead is the best way to rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing.

picture of a handheld showerhead

You can buy a 6-setting handheld showerhead for $20. It is easy to install...instructions are included...and no plumber is necessary.

Turn on the water and use your free hand to aim a handheld showerhead between your legs so the running water will cascade over your clitoris. Show him how gloriously uninhibited you are as you use the water to pleasure yourself.

Change the settings from a delicate spray to a pulsating rhythm. Avoid directly spraying your clitoris. The pressure may be too much.

You get simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation...and your man's hands are free to fondle the rest of you.

Or try a waterproof vibrator like the Purring Thrusting Panther.

Don't miss Part 2 of Sure Cure for Winter Doldrums next time.

Check out Hot Sex In a Hurry...33 Places for a Quickie Digital Book for more about shower foreplay...and other sexual adventures you will never forget.

Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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