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Sure Cure for Winter Doldrums Part 2
February 24, 2016

Sure Cure for Winter Doldrums Part 2

Ambush Him in the Shower

Would you like to beat the winter doldrums and add more pleasure to your life...tonight? Here is part 2. If you missed part 1 last week, you can find it here.

picture of the hands of a man and woman against the shower glass

  • Approach him from behind and rub your breasts against his sudsy back under the shower stream.

  • Run your sudsy hands over his back and buttocks.

  • Reach around and drape it over his balls a few seconds.

  • Rub the washcloth over his shaft in a gentle up- and-down motion.

  • Lather up a soft bath sponge. Drag the sudsy sponge from his chest down to his abs and then gently run it up and down his penis.

  • With his hand on top of yours...trace slow, sexy circles around your breasts...belly...and inner thighs with the bath sponge.

  • Now guide his hand from the base of your vulva to the top and back down again.

  • Lean back and let his hands take over.

  • Have him lather up his hands and massage you into a lusty lather. His wet 'n wild touches will add a sexy sensation.

  • When you want to get the serious action started...rub yourself up and down the shaft of his penis as you apply a generous amount of silicone lube.

  • With your well lubed hand...gently cup his balls in your palm. If he likes it...very gently give them a bit of a massage.

  • Apply a generous amount of silicone lube to your hand.

  • Grab his erect shaft with a fist-like grip...with your thumb near the tip.

  • Begin an up-and-down motion...and treat your man to a hand job from behind...your bare breasts pressed up against his back. Concentrate on stroking the underside of the shaft of his penis and along his frenulum.

Or... without saying a word...kneel on a folded towel in front of him and give him a blow job. A blow job in the shower is probably in the top 10 of your man's favorite sexual acts.

Alternate between swirling your tongue and clamping your lips around the head of his penis. At the same time...caress his balls with your well-lubed palm.

This involves two different types of wetness...

  1. From your mouth.
  2. From the shower water.

It also treats him to two kinds of pressure...

  1. Your lips on the head of his penis.
  2. Your palm on his balls.

Or instead of getting in the shower with him...

  1. Sneak into the bathroom and pull back the curtain and flash him a naughty grin.

  2. Lick your lips and kneel outside the tub on a folded towel.

  3. Give him a fantastic blow job.

"Doggie" Bath

diagram of standing doggie sex in the shower

Standing doggie style is the easiest and safest position while having hot shower foreplay because it gives you more control on the slippery floor. Doggie style also allows your man to thrust more deeply.

  • Bend over so you are facing away from the water.

  • Brace yourself with your hands on the wall...or on your thighs.

  • Let the water spray your sensitive zone to create even more pulsating sensations as he thrusts.

  • Spread your legs as far as you can and lean back against your man. Be careful that he isn't going to slam your head into the wall.

  • Add a little manual action and stimulate your clitoris...or reach between your legs and give him a sexy surprise by fondling his balls.

  • Your man stands behind you and holds your waist as he enters you. He can intensify the action by pulling you back and forth.

  • Your man can use one of his hands to reach around your front and play with your clitoris. Or do this yourself.

  • Make sure to use plenty of silicone lube so you are not sore later.

If you haven't already...give your man a great blow job after he is squeaky clean...or continue the action in the bedroom. Ah, the feel of two just washed bodies between fresh sheets...mmm...

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Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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