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BJ Signature Secret
September 23, 2015

BJ Signature Secret

photo of a 
woman licking her finger

He will never forget your blowjob signature secret.

Deliver the ultimate blowjob and be an absolutely unforgettable woman.

Discover your unique signature fellatio feat...a move so will set your man on fire.

Here are 3 techniques to get you started on your way to becoming legendary.

1. Perineum Pleasure
In 6 No-Fail Steps

A man's perineum is a nerve-rich area that can elevate ordinary oral sex to the ultimate blowjob.

The perineum is the area of skin between his balls and his anus. It has some pubic hair.

It is also called the "taint"...because it: "t aint quite your arse and 't aint quite your bollocks it that bit in between". It is sensitive to both light licking...and deep stimulate his prostate gland.

Some men like their perineum stroked or pressed only when they're aroused...and some don't like it at all. Some men get nervous when you move in the direction of the perineum because they're afraid you might be going for the backdoor.

1. To find his perineum...feel for a small indentation...about halfway in between his anus and the base of his penis.

2. Use your fingertip to massage his perineum as you stroke his shaft with your other hand. Gently stroke...knead...or rub in circles.

photo of a woman's 
knuckles pressing down

Press into his perineum with your fist.

3. Place your fist against the indentation...with your knuckles pressing down with a pumping motion. Quickly shake your fist to send powerful vibrations into his prostate gland.

If you press into the can actually press against his prostate externally. This "X-spot" is rich with nerve endings...and can be a source of great pleasure for your man.

4. Massage his X-spot in a side to side or in a back to front movement.

5. A vibrator can feel fantastic on his anus during fellatio. Tease and penetrate while you suck. The vibration won't be a factor inside him...the size...shape...and motion...of the vibe will.

If you haven't tried a prostate massager on your man...check out Handjob Perfection for the step-by-step details on using one to deliver the ultimate blowjob.

Start the vibe on the lowest speed...and give him more as he asks for it. Squirt liberal amounts of lube on any toy you use for anal penetration...and reapply frequently.

6. When he's ready to cum...push your knuckles deeper into his taint to extend his orgasm. Press with firm but gentle rhythmic pushes as he's climaxing to intensify his orgasm.

2. The Lipstick Trick

photo of a sexy woman licking her lips

The Lipstick Trick feels like intercourse.

With your man lying back and his penis stiffly pointing upward... hold the base of his penis with your fingers...not in a steady him.

1. Brush your closed yet relaxed lips against the head of his penis. Rub his penis against your moist lips as if you were applying lipstick.

2. Take his penis and sensuously run it over your throat...breasts...and inner thighs. Lick the tip of his penis before you return to your mouth action.

3. Squeeze the base lightly to allow pressure to build within the shaft.

4. To heighten the your lips slightly and rub the head of his penis between them.

5. Occasionally take the whole head in your mouth...then go back to rubbing the tip against your lips.

He'll feel like he's getting a tighter and wetter version of intercourse in this sensual part of the ultimate blowjob.

3. Suction Savvy

photo of a sexy woman sucking on a straw

Suction is one of the unique treats a blowjob delivers.

Suction is a special feature of oral sex that neither intercourse nor a handjob can replicate.

1. Close your mouth around the upper part of your man's penis.

2. Suck on the head like you're using a straw to suck up a milk shake.

3. Suck gently at first. Save the really intense sucking for the moment of climax.

Most men aren't used to this kind of suction during oral it will be a unique...and pleasurable...surprise.

Practice these three amazing techniques to develop your own signature blowjob move. And then prepare to be worshipped.

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Truly yours,

Ella Trudeau

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