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What is a Digital Book?

A Digital Book is a password-protected PDF file that you download to your computer. I have removed the password to make it more convenient and less frustrating for you. I have lost passwords to books I have purchased and that is an inconvenience I spare you.


Why did you decide to make this a Digital Book instead of an ordinary book?

Instant gratification for my readers! You don't have to go anywhere to buy it or wait for it to be shipped to you. Once you purchase you can download the book and be reading it in just minutes.


Is a digital book better than an ordinary book?

An digital book is an electronic book. It is a file that you download to your computer. You can read it just as you are reading this...on your own computer... or you can print it with your printer. Once you have downloaded the digital book it lives on your computer and you can open and read it or print it any time you like.

Advantages of a digital book over an ordinary book...


Do I read the Digital Book right on my computer screen?

Whatever you like. Some people prefer to read their Digital Book right on their computer screen. Just think...you can sneak a peek at the book while at work and your boss will think you're hard at work at your computer! Others print the Digital Book out...all at once or one chapter at a time...and read it that way.


Can I print it out?

Absolutely! You can print it as many times as you'd like.

I have two computers. Can I put my Digital Book on both? Sure! Just open the download page on each computer and follow the downloading instructions. Just don't share your password to let friends download it for free. That's piracy...aka stealing...and that's not cool! You have 3 downloads in 5 days. If you mess up and need more...no problem...just contact me and I'll get you more.


Is it safe to buy a Digital Book?

Absolutely. You'll enter your credit card information on my secure site (I use the latest encryption software) and the file you download is in the trusted Adobe Acrobat format which is available on nearly all computers.


I'm not so tech-savvy. Is downloading hard to figure out?

It's a breeze. Once you purchase your course...you'll be directed to a special page that walks you through the download process step-by-step. Chances are good that you already have Adobe Acrobat (the PDF reader software) installed on your computer. If you don't have Acrobat...I've included a free download link for you.


How do I download the digital book?

Once you have purchased the book...you will be taken right to my download page. There you will be able to instantly download the Digital Book and Audio Program (if applicable) so you can start transforming your life right away! You will also receive an email receipt that contains a link to the download page so you can get back to it any time you'd like.

And if you have any additional questions...or if you have any difficulty...all you have to do is contact me and I will be here for you. I'll amaze you with how much I care and want to help.


Just what is a Complete Multimedia Course?

A Complete Multimedia Course contains BOTH a Digital Book AND a Digitally Recorded Audio or Video Program. A Complete Multimedia Course...
  • Provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions and examples from start to finish.
  • Provides actual examples of specific techniques...not just some fluffy common sense tips you can find anywhere.
  • Is the most effective...comprehensive...focused and well-organized information available anywhere. Not a collection of assorted "hints and tips" to wonder how to fit together and apply in real life. You'll be able to use these techniques right away to transform your life practically overnight.
  • Unlike websites or conventional books...includes the highest quality audio and video recordings to help explain in the greatest detail.
  • Coordinates audio and video programs with a digital book to make understanding simple and easy.<
  • Unlike websites or conventional books...includes exclusive Video Content in High Definition and Dolby Digital audio.
  • All videos are highest quality 1920 x 1080 resolution so that you can see clearly what I am up to in the step-by-step instructional demonstrations.

Watching the videos on DVDs is like spying on a sexually experienced woman...So you can learn from every move I make. All you have to do is sit back and watch.


How are videos on DVD better than on YouTube?

Advantages of DVDs over YouTube...
  • Many of these clips are too "explicit" for a censored YouTube.
  • YouTube streams video at a much reduced level of quality.
  • With these DVDs you don't have to wait for streaming video or tie up your computer bandwidth. Just insert your disc and push play. You are all set...no waiting for buffering.
  • The two DVDs are arranged into 3-5 minute clips that are correlated to the sections in the digital books to make it easier for you to follow and study.
  • A detailed track listing is included on each DVD for quick and easy access. Your program titles will appear on the menu when you open your DVD.
  • Another great advantage of all of my Complete Multimedia Courses is that if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase...just contact me with the easy contact form on the site and you will get your money back quickly. It would be impossible to do with an ordinary book.

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