Why Settle for "50 Shades of Grey"...
When You Can Be
"50 Shades of Red Hot"?

photo of a woman's leg in fishnet stocking and black satin gloved arm

Why a stocking seduction? You can add to the anticipation of what is to come later with a dress up game during a sexy scenario.

When it comes to desire and attraction...a little unpredictability goes a long way.

The brain is our biggest sex organ...so let's use it!

What keeps every relationship fresh...alive...and vital is that special element of magic and mystery. It's all about living and loving with abandon...with a sense of adventure and fun. Let your imagination run wild and discover the delicious magic we call romance.

Half the thrill of sexually engaging with a new partner is the thrill of the unknown. A stocking seduction and fantasy role-play can give your man the variety...the adventure...and the satisfaction he craves...with you.

Do for him what another woman would do if she were out to excite him. He won't be thinking that he could do...say...be...or feel...something different with another woman.

Spice up your sex life by sharing fantasies with your man. Take off your shell along with your clothes. Your man will find your bad-girl efforts incredibly exciting.

An erotic fantasy is any thought... idea... image... or scenario that interests you sexually.

The right sexual fantasy...running in your head like your own private movie...can turn you on like a switch.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. Share your fantasy with your man...he wants to hear it. photo of a sexy couple

Next time you're feeling adventurous...tell your man that you're ready to indulge him in his desire and discuss what roles you'd like to take on.

We can make our fantasies real...if we dare. It will only happen if someone is brave enough to say: "I want to...."

Fantasy role-play is when you and your man play out roles in a sexual fantasy.

You can use fellatio to enhance a fantasy... especially an edgy one.

Dressing the Tantalizing Part

photo of a woman in a sexy red dress

Sometimes all it takes to get in the moment is to look the part of a temptress. Savor this chance to escape from your everyday life.

A special outfit will help you to slide into your "role" in a dress up game.

If you are short on time or money...there are some great costumes that you can put together with clothes and accessories that are most likely already in your closet.

Sexy lingerie can be as arousing...or even more arousing...as being nude...because it builds anticipation as it paints a mysterious picture.

A garter belt and fishnet stockings make a hot addition to just about any fantasy outfit... good for almost all occasions.

A Sexual Fantasy Buffet

picture of Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities

See Inside

Here are some sexy ideas to get you started enjoying some stocking seduction and fantasy role-playing fun.

Try them all...you never know what'll rock your sexual world.

Have a spontaneous stocking seduction and see where it takes you. What have you got to lose...besides your inhibitions?

photo of a sexy black garter belt and stockings

From Your Closet...
Scintillating Stocking Seductions

How can you use a stocking seduction for a sexy fantasy dress up game? A garter belt and stockings...especially fishnet stockings...are appropriate for just about any fantasy costume.

1. Sexy Secretary

red check

46% of men say that boss/secretary is their number one sexy role playing fantasy.

photo of a woman wearing a man's dress shirt and tie

Apply for the job of his secretary with your hot stocking seduction. And you really need the job...

Or reverse the roles...

Grab one of your man's long-sleeved dress shirts and wear your sexiest black bra and panties underneath. Unbutton the shirt just enough...then drape his tie around your neck.

His tie has never looked better! Wear your highest and most feminine heels to contrast with your stocking seduction. Your pointy toe black pumps should do nicely here.

His assignment is to follow your erotic orders.

2. Cheerleader

red check

18% of men say that football star/cheerleader is their number one stocking seduction fantasy.

photo of a sexy woman wearing a schoolgirl costume

If you are feeling like a flirty, girlie tease...put on a schoolgirl-like plaid miniskirt with an oxford shirt tied above your navel.

For your stocking seduction...add some thigh-high or bobby socks...tennis shoes...and a short cardigan. You are the cheerleader of his fantasies.

Add a virginal white cotton lingerie set or a black lace set of lingerie. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail if it is long.

Be his halftime entertainment when he is watching "the game". When the halftime commercials start...pop into the room and shimmy...twist...jump...and shout:
  • "Give me a "P"...give me an "E"...give me an "E-K" now! PEEK! Ooh, no panties!
  • You're my "H"...you're my "U"...you're my "N-K" man...you're a HUNK"

Climb into his lap. Give him a big kiss and then back to your cheer:
  • "Here's my LEFT...here's my RIGHT...for my tits you'll FIGHT!"
  • Hey...there's no bra under that sweater! Jiggle your breasts right in his face.

Now it's only minutes until the game starts again...so before they blow the whistle...blow his whistle! Take him in your mouth...and whisper one last cheer:
  • "Fe...Fi...Fo...Fum...I am gonna make you CUM."

When it's over...when he's laying back gasping...let him get back to his game. He'll love you all the more for understanding how much he wants to watch it.


Stroll into the room wearing your schoolgirl best...a little plaid pleated skirt and ankle socks. Wear glasses if you've got them for that studious look.

Say: "I need you to teach me some things. Things they never showed me in school...secret...erotic...naughty...nasty...things that only YOU can show me."

"Do you like to be kissed like this?" Brush your lips past his. "Or do you prefer this?" Give him a firm, full-on kiss.

Most importantly...don't ask if he enjoys your moves. Instead...give him a choice each time. Keep going step by step until:

"When you climax...should I stop...or go faster?"

Once he's taught you how to give him the very best orgasm. Say:

"So, professor....did I earn an A? Or do I have to stay after class for extra lessons?"

Next time...reverse the rolls and be the "sex-ed professor"... Leave a note taped to the door he enters after work: "Class starts at eight. There will be a test afterward. If you learn your lessons well, you'll graduate at the head of your class."

You won't be dressed like any teacher he has ever had...outside his adolescent fantasies, that is! Men just love barely-dressed women in heels.

Give him a hands-on tutorial. You be a teacher...and he the naughty student who gets a spanking... and then some oral sex. Show and tell, anyone?

3. Rocker Chick...or Biker Babe

photo of a rocking chick in a black leather 
 miniskirt and bra top

Black leather rules in this dress up game.

Work your hottest stocking seduction with fishnets or rip some holes in a pair of black stockings.

A Kiss of Leather

Wear a black leather jacket and stiletto heels...and nothing else.

4. Boudoir Bombshell

photo of a sexy woman in a chiffon baby doll nightie

If you would like to airbrush a certain part of your body...chiffon is your friend. Wear a chiffon baby doll...or a night gown...with some kitten heel mule slippers. Flattering and elegant...chiffon shows just a hint of what is underneath.

Ride him while you still have on a short sexy nightgown. You may even want to add a garter belt and stockings for a unique stocking seduction. Then lift up the edge so he can glimpse his shaft inside you...then hide it again.

Costume Delights

5. Virgin Innocence

photo of a woman in a sexy bridal costume

Role-play that you are inexperienced and need sex lessons. Act coy and take it slow. Play innocent say: "It's my first time...what should I do?" When you pretend to be innocent...your man feels aroused knowing he is in control and responsible for giving you ultimate pleasure.

Tell him...or write down what you want to learn...like how to perform oral sex...masturbate...or be taken from behind. Then let him give you the very X-rated tutorial.

Keep your panties and stockings on during sex for the hottest stocking seduction. He can massage you through the fabric...with both his hands and his mouth...as foreplay.

Then have him pull your panties to the side to enter you. Put lube on his penis...then get on top...slip it between your labia...and slide up and down along his shaft...targeting your clitoris.

Then ask him to remove your panties using his mouth.

6. All American Cowgirl

photo of a sexy woman in a cowgirl outfit

Wear a tight tank top...braless...and some seriously short shorts. Frayed cut-offs work well. Your fishnets and garter belt will add a stocking seduction to those short shorts.

You can say: "Ooh...baby...would you like some sexy cowgirl tonight?" No doubt as to his answer....

The Bad Boy Seduction

A favorite woman's fantasy is to be seduced by a bad boy. The fantasy of being sexually helpless is a highly erotic stimulus for both men and women.

Outfit your man with a toy gun and holster and the black mask of an outlaw. He sneaks up behind you...covers your mouth with his hand...and says: "You are my prisoner. You won't be hurt if you stay quiet and do exactly as you are told."

He pulls off your panties and says: "Spread 'em wide."

If you want a hot movie script for this scenario...try Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...
The primly-dressed schoolteacher Etta Place...her hair in a bun... returns to her farmhouse. She lights a lantern...and undresses down to a white slip as she moves into her bedroom. photo of the Sundance Kid

The Sundance Kid is waiting for her in a darkened corner of the room. His appearance..with a salacious grin on his face...causes her to jump back in fright. Sundance commands her at gunpoint...

  • "Keep going, teacher lady." He reaches for his pistol and points it at her.
  • "It's OK, don't mind me. Keep on going." She nervously removes her outer slip.
  • "Put down your hair." She reaches back behind her head with both hands. Her hair falls to her shoulders.
  • "Shake your head." He examines her appreciatively. Cocking his gun...he threatens her to undo the last of her clothing. She unbuttons her undergarment...revealing the flesh of her body. He unbuttons his holster...rises from his chair...and approaches her with intentions of forcing himself on her.
  • Unafraid...Etta watches him approach. He begins to caress her...

7. Hawaiian Hula Honey

photo of a sexy woman in a bikini and Hawaiian grass skirt

A hot sexy woman in a bikini is a vacation favorite of men. You can get a grass skirt for a few dollars at a party supply store or at a thrift shop.

Then work your booty in some hip swinging hula in this stocking seduction. You can always camp it up with: "hey...baby...want to get lei-d?"

More Erotic Fantasy Roles

8. Naughty Nurse...Doctor "Yes"

photo of a sexy woman in a naughty nurse costume red check

36% of men say that patient/nurse is their number one stocking seduction fantasy.

picture of a white bustier trimmed in black

Let your bedside manner give him the thrills and chills he longs for.

You can buy a naughty nurse costume...or my favorite solution...buy sexy lingerie and accessorize. I prefer to buy beautiful lingerie that I can wear again after the stocking seduction.

picture of a white garter belt and fishnets

Wicked little lacy underwire bustiers have that je ne sais quoi...and can be worn for those hot evenings at home...or a hot date out on the town.

Fishnets and a garter belt are good for all sexy occasions...and are a good foundation for almost any stocking seduction adventure.

picture of naughty nurse pills

Inexpensive props for your stocking seduction can be purchased at a party supply store. You can make your own nurse accessories...medical bag...Gummi "meds"....whatever...with red plastic tape.

Print out a reminder card and tape it to his steering wheel for him to find in the morning...

Please don't forget your appointment with Doctor Feelgood on _____ at ______ in her office at ______.

When your patient arrives...welcome him for his checkup. Make a big production out of snapping on your gloves and opening your medical bag. Fill your bag with condoms...lube... and sex toys.

Say: "Does it feel better here...or does it feel better over here. Yes, we doctors find that this treatment produces the most interesting reaction in our male patients..."

To blast your stocking seduction out of the stratosphere... give him an earth shaking blowjob treatment.

After playing a bit of "naughty doctor"...it won't be pain your man is feeling.

photo of a sexy French maid

9. French Maid

Begin your maid service by serving champagne and strawberries in this stocking seduction.

photo of a woman in a sexy purple corset

10. Vampire Seductress

Rule the night...and your man...in your own thrilling vampire stocking seduction.

11. Police Woman

photo of a sexy woman in a police outfit

Give your man a trip "downtown"...for violations of the "penal" code. Tell him..."you have right to remain sexy."

photo of a woman in a policewoman costume

Real handcuffs are fun for this. Check the location of the key...and give him the spare key before beginning your stocking seduction.

Or give him a turn as the police officer. You can be a woman arrested for speeding...bent over the hood of her car.

And you don't have to wear a revealing outfit if you are not comfortable with that...yet. Fantasy fun can be had in more conservative outfits.

12. Catwoman

Act the role of a favorite movie character for your fantasy stocking seduction.

photo of Catwoman

Puss 'n Boots

photo of a woman in a black leather corset, boots and mask

A mask and boots will not only set the tone for the stocking seduction...it will help you get into character for your role as tease and tormentor. This is great excuse to buy a new pair of boots.

The night before...leave your mask hanging from the rear-view mirror of his car. He may find himself a bit distracted at work all day.

That evening...start by sliding your hand inside his pants and giving him a quick squeeze. Smile and say: "I will be right back."

Go put on your outfit. Include sensuous lingerie and boots.

Stroll back in and tie his hands to the chair or bed.

Press your leather-clad toe against the crotch of his pants. Say: "Have you been a good boy?"

Don't miss all the details of this seduction in Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities.

Make him beg for relief. Make him wait. His orgasm...when it finally comes... will be earth-shaking.

Steamy Costumed Delights

13. X-rated Seductress

photo of a sexy redhead in corset and garter belt and stockings

No-holds-barred...no strings-attached...anonymous...forbidden...sex is a powerful fantasy. Your man likely has a secret fantasy of a high-class call girl...and tonight...she is you.

For a thrilling sex worker fantasy...wear something red or black in sheer fabric or lace. Add red lipstick and nails.

Wear a wig of a color and style different from your own hair to change yourself as much as possible.

Wear a sexy bra and panties with stockings and garter belt...or a corset. Corsets are designed to help you suck in your midsection and create a thinner waistline. As an added bonus...corsets have a built-in breast lift and enhancer.

Add your raciest heels and a new perfume to complete your "new" persona.

Warm him up with a spectacular lap dance before your sexy seduction.

Introduce yourself by another name. Then say: "What do you want...and how do you want it? I am going to get you off like you have never had it before. That will be $300." You can always treat him to dinner with your "earnings"...

Slide your hands sensuously over his body as you undress him.

Whisper: "You are irresistible. You are making me totally hot...and I just can't wait to take you in my mouth...like...this..."

Begin with long, slow licks...as if you were eating an ice cream cone. Throw yourself into your performance as you give an erotically masterful blowjob.

photo of a stripper

14. Strip Club Diva

Lap Dance and Striptease...Insider's Guide to Becoming a Man's Ultimate Fantasy has more for you on dressing the part and performing the sexiest striptease your man has ever experienced.

15. Pirate Captive

Playing pirate is favorite porn cliché of many men. Let your man search for your buried treasure. Men love challenges because they love to win.

photo of a sexy female pirate

Taken by Surprise

The ultimate female fantasy of being "taken"...transported...ravished..."swept away"...carried over the threshold of love in the arms of a valiant hero...is a theme of countless books and movies. The most iconic is that spectacular scene in Gone With the Wind where Rhett carries Scarlett up the stairs.

Being "taken" like this can be highly arousing. For the woman who may feel a bit guilty about her sexual needs and appetites...this leaves her free of guilt...because she can think of herself as being overpowered by a much stronger man.

16. Exotic Dancer…
His Own Private Genie Has Escaped her Bottle

photo of an exotic belly dancer

To be an exotic dancer...tie a sheer scarf around your neck...crisscross at the bust like a halter...and then tie it behind your waist. Wear a long skirt...maybe a swimsuit-cover style.

Take a sip of hot ginger tea and kiss his penis. He'll love the tingle of the hot, spicy liquid. You don't need to learn belly dancing...your man will enjoy you gyrating your bare midriff around.

photo of Mary Louise Parker wearing only an apron

17. Betty Cock er

Thanks to Mary Louise Parker for this domestic goddess idea. Make breakfast wearing only an apron...retro with a twist. It doesn't matter if you can really cook. What's important is the atmosphere...and the aroma...you create. Feed him samples of your work. The real heat is no longer in the oven. It is building between you as you pull your man to the kitchen table.

18. Geisha Girl

photo of a sexy woman in a black silk robeTo be a fantasy geisha girl...wear a silky kimono-like wrap around bathrobe.

Warm some sake... a strong Japanese rice wine...in the microwave. Pour some of the sticky liquid on your man's chest.

Lick it off as you peel away your kimono.

Draw imaginary circles around your nipples with a pair of plastic chopsticks while he watches. Then trace lines and circles up and down his shaft with the chopsticks.

Add a Nuru massage for some sensual...and aphrodisiac...arousal.

picture Sexy Scenarios Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities cover

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